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King James Gossip, a Cleveland Cavaliers Podcast

FanSided's King James Gossip discusses the latest Cleveland Cavaliers news, analysis and more from the staff at King James Gospel.


KJG Ep. 22: Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver
Show Details40min 39s
KJG Ep. 21: Site co-expert Nathan Bieghle, Cavs lineups, development, and ranking the East's best
Show Details1hr 5min
KJG Ep. 20: Cavs we would (and wouldn't) like to see traded, over/unders around the league, and super early MVP predictions
Show Details38min 17s
KJG Ep. 19: Special guest Dan Gilinsky, musing over Tobias Harris for next summer, Collin Sexton for ROTY, and which Cav will be an All-Star
Show Details1hr 1min
KJG Ep. 18: Potential Hassan Whiteside trade, where Kevin Love ranks in the East, NBA Schedule, and the Isaiah Taylor signing
Show Details44min 11s
KJG Ep. 17: NEW Hosts, talking about Nwaba and Dekker, and a bunch of questions about next season
Show Details1hr 4min
KJG Ep. 16: Is Kawhi Leonard a real possibility for the Cleveland Cavaliers?
Show Details43min 11s
KJG Ep. 15: LBJ's MVP status and the Cleveland Cavaliers home stretch
Show Details35min 56s
KJG Ep. 14: How will Kevin Love's return impact the Cleveland Cavaliers
Show Details33min 7s
KJG Ep. 13: Who will be in the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff rotation?
Show Details38min 8s
Are the Toronto Raptors real threats to Cleveland's throne?
Show Details42min 14s
KJG Ep. 11: Who should be on top the Cleveland Cavaliers big board?
Show Details37min 47s
King James Gossip Ep. 10: Are the Cleveland Cavaliers for real?
Show Details30min 30s
KJG Ep. 9: 3 trades in three hours- Are the Cleveland Cavaliers better now?
Show Details37min 6s
KJG Ep. 8 Part 2: What moves will Cleveland make before the trade deadline?
Show Details25min 4s
King James Gossip Ep. 8: Kevin Love's injury and the Cavs mini win streak
Show Details36min 37s
King James Gossip Ep. 7: Who's on the market for the Cleveland Cavaliers?
Show Details40min 6s
King James Gossip Ep. 6: Trade season is in full effect for the Cavaliers
Show Details38min 53s
King James Gossip Ep. 5: What, if any, player is worth the Brooklyn Nets' pick?
Show Details41min 17s
King James Gossip Ep. 4: What are realistic trade options for the Cavaliers?
Show Details38min 22s
King James Gossip Ep. 3: IT's impact, Cavaliers road trip, Kyrie, and much more
Show Details33min 34s
King James Gossip Ep. 2: Can the Cleveland Cavaliers beat GS with TT and JR?
Show Details39min 31s
Cleveland Cavaliers podcast: KJG Ep. 1 on Warriors-Cavs and more
Show Details34min 6s