Design Basics, Pursue Learning, & Dream Bigger with Rachell De Luna

Episode 11
45m | Aug 25, 2021

Rache Araja - De Luna is the web designer, developer, and educator behind Squarestylist. She creates courses & templates for fellow designers and business owners to push the creative boundaries of Squarespace. She constantly creates features that used to be impossible or unthinkable in Squarespace. She developed her flagship program, Standout Squarespace, to help fellow designers learn the code, create the unexpected and charge with confidence.

Today on It is a Real Job, Dad:

  • Why Rachell started Squarestylist & helping designers code in Squarespace 
  • The first steps to take in getting started in your design business
  • Invest and dedicate time to learning new skills
  • Making time for the goals you set
  • Networking and looking for opportunities to introduce something new
  • Immersing yourself in inspiration for creativity
  • Lessons from the song “Listen” from Dreamgirls

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It is a Real Job, Dad