Grow Your Business & Team From Abroad with Frannie Coggeshall

Episode 12
58m | Sep 1, 2021

Frannie runs Elevate Her Marketing, a Facebook & Instagram advertising agency that helps online course creators elevate their businesses and lives. She’s passionate about having a freedom-based lifestyle and helping others achieve the same, whatever that might mean for them — traveling full time, having more time for their kids, or spending half their week surfing! 

Today on It is a Real Job, Dad:

  • Tips for remotely working abroad & how to build community
  • How Frannie manages her team and grows her business from Portugal
  • Why you want to create SOPs early on in your business
  • Building your work culture when your team is remote 
  • Tangible tips for creating a remote business
  • What to consider with outsourcing and investing in yourself
  • Lessons from Cinderella (starring Brandy!) on pursuing a new idea

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