A Hawaii Native’s Look At Tourism & Identifying Your Zone of Genius with Sarah Del Castillo

Episode 7
1h 8m | Jul 28, 2021

Sarah Del Castillo is a social media and business strategist, designer, and educator who helps other women start and grow their businesses. As a Hawaii native, Sarah shares her knowledge on the impact of tourism in Hawaii, how the high cost of living is pushing locals out, and the deep disconnect between the state of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people. Sarah also shares how her company scaled to multiple 6 figures in under a year, along with her insight on networking, developing your zone of genius, and saying “yes” to opportunities when you’re growing your business.

Today on It is a Real Job, Dad:

  • Socio-economic & socio-cultural impacts of tourism on Hawaii
  • How local families get pushed out due to high cost of living
  • How the pandemic affected the environment of Hawaii 
  • The values of Hawaiian’s & their respect for the people and land
  • The disconnect between the state of Hawaii & the Hawaiian people
  • Networking and learning to communicate your value in business
  • Clarify your ideal client & zone of genius by saying “yes” to opportunities 
  • Takeaways from “The Greatest Showman”

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