Sales Mastery: Shut The F*ck Up and Listen with Sheena Works

Episode 1
54m | Jun 30, 2021

After years as a systems creator and leader of multiple job training programs, Sheena realized she was never going to be able to create the kind of impact she wanted in a corporate position. She had a deep desire to be able to create a network of schools that would provide training to under-privileged women — something that would inspire, educate and equip them to create the career (and life) of their dreams. Sheena understood that she would never be able to earn the kind of paycheck required to implement and build such a network of schools, EVER, in the corporate world.

Deeply committed to her long-term vision, Sheena decided to quit her job and begin consulting.  She’s always been an educator and her passion is helping others monetize their own expertise in a way that allows them to give back in a bigger way.  In doing so, she believes she is creating a ripple effect from their impact to her own, one that will eventually empower and enable her to realize her vision of that network of schools.

For everyone who has a dream for The Next Big Thing (and just doesn’t think they have the time or energy to make it happen), she sees you. She supports you. 

Today on It is a Real Job, Dad:

  • Connecting to your ‘why’ & advice for new entrepreneurs 
  • Tips for knowing how to price your offers
  • How to approach sales calls & the best questions to ask 
  • Methods for following up with a ‘no’ & asking for a referral
  • How to address objections, presenting your proposal, & asking for the sale
  • Serve at the highest level by divorcing yourself from the outcome

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