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In The Mix- Music, Art, Tech, Collab, Music Business

In the Mix 

A weekly talk show hosted by Jamsteady X Topcat CCU on music, tech, collabs, the business of music and lots more! Featuring musicians, artists, sound engineers, producers, managers and other scenesters from around the world, In the Mix promises to be your weekly dose of fun conversations, news and trends from the world of Music.


In The Mix - Ep 6 - Music Scene: The North East of India
Show Details1hr 11min
In The Mix - Ep 5 - The Artist Hustle with Neel Adhikari, Diya Naidu & Sourav Ghosh
Show Details1hr 32min
How can musicians make and sell NFTs - Special Episode with team WazirX
Show Details1hr 17min
In The Mix- Ep 3 -Are artists content creators ?
Show Details1hr 26min
In The Mix Ep 2- Is streaming the future of live performances ?
Show Details1hr 30min
In The Mix- Ep 1 - Bangla Independent Music - Then & Now
Show Details1hr 22min