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I Didn't Cry Today

Are you about to graduate college and have no idea what the heck you’re doing? Been there done that. Join co-hosts Paige Burnhope and Mo Venida as they talk about trying to find purpose, friendships after college, and life’s complications as women in their 20’s. 


Episode 18 - We Are All Creators
Show Details49min 58s
Episode 17-Our Travel Essentials
Show Details30min 14s
Episode 16-Our Recent Fav!!
Show Details58min 53s
Episode 15-New Year, Same Me Just Slightly Better
Show Details57min 32s
Episode 14-Red Flags or Deal Breakers FT. APT 22
Show Details28min 51s
Episode 13 - That's Sooo Cheugy
Show Details35min 21s
Episode 12 - I Could, But Why Would I Want To Ft. Sammie Vasquez
Show Details32min 52s
Episode 11 - Where We've Really Been and Dealing with Burnout
Show Details38min 27s
Episode 10-We're Back and Better Than Ever
Show Details30min 25s
Episode 9- What's Your Style?
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 8-Things Are Looking Up
Show Details32min 53s
Episode 7-We're all struggling a little bit
Show Details44min 52s
Episode 6-What Gives Us The ICK
Show Details30min 40s
Episode 5-Creating Healthy Habits feat. Lexi Westberg
Show Details46min
Episode 4 - Self Growth, Ladies
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 3-We're Working Women...Kinda
Show Details56min 55s
Episode 2-I'm just trying to make friends
Show Details42min 5s
Episode 1- Here we go!
Show Details39min 14s