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I missed me

IG:@imissedmepodcast & @mafeanzures To whoever this may impact… Sometimes, our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us where we’re really meant to be. Sometimes change feels like loss, transformation is scary, and sometimes, to discover the best version of ourselves, we must let go of absolutely everything that’s holding us down. Welcome to i missed me, your new safe space, i hope to be part of your healing journey. With love, Mafe Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/imissedme/support


Denial | 5 stages of grief series
Show Details20min 34s
Burning out + How to deal with it
Show Details16min 34s
Show Details13min 45s
You are not for everyone
Show Details16min 8s
Alone but not lonely
Show Details17min 34s
Breakups don’t have to suck
Show Details17min 27s
Outgrow to grow
Show Details20min 50s
Manifesting 101
Show Details18min 34s
Dear little me...
Show Details26min 39s
Feel to heal
Show Details19min 14s
Nothing’s personal
Show Details9min 6s
Sh*tty friends & trying to fit in
Show Details12min 28s
I missed me (intro)
Show Details10min 29s