HYPERFOCUS: A Podcast for Chaotic Minds

Boredom? We don't know her. Each week, join hosts Rachel and Lauren for a deep dive into whatever they're thinking about, taking a comedic and intellectual approach to weird, interesting, and unusual topics.

HYPERFOCUS is the perfect podcast for everyone...especially if you have ADHD like Rachel.


Episode 11: Feral Children
Show Details40min 14s
Episode 10: Oscar the Therapy Cat
Show Details24min 20s
Episode 9: Project Pigeon (Project ORCON)
Show Details24min 21s
A Very Special Easter Message
Show Details1min 43s
Episode 8: Transient Global Amnesia (TGA)
Show Details35min 44s
Episode 7: The Dancing Plague of 1518
Show Details36min 46s
Episode 6: Murder, Suicide, or Suspicious Death? The Marilyn Monroe Conspiracies
Show Details59min 54s
Episode 5: Ma'Nene, the Bizarre & Beautiful Funerals of the Torajan People
Show Details32min 55s
Episode 4: The Unsinkable Woman, Violet Jessop
Show Details33min 21s
Episode 3: Dark Empaths
Show Details31min 30s
Episode 2: Viking Wedding Traditions
Show Details28min 44s
Episode 1: Wojtek: The Bear Who Served in World War II
Show Details28min 6s
Show Details2min 21s