HYPERFOCUS: A Podcast for Chaotic Minds

Boredom? We don't know her. Each week, join hosts Rachel and Maddie for a deep dive into whatever they're thinking about, taking a comedic and intellectual approach to weird, interesting, and unusual topics.

HYPERFOCUS is the perfect podcast for everyone...especially if you have ADHD like Rachel.


Season 1, We've Just Begun...
Show Details5min 22s
Episode 33: Monkey Poop and Unethical Experiments...The Rachel Extravaganza Q&A!
Show Details36min 14s
Vacation Days? Never Heard of Them...
Show Details7min 19s
Episode 32: The Cock Lane Ghost
Show Details38min 3s
Episode 31: The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death
Show Details34min 44s
Episode 30: Nor Loch - The Lost Lake of Edinburgh
Show Details26min 3s
Episode 29: The Mothman
Show Details35min 58s
Episode 28: Famous Feuds
Show Details42min 25s
Episode 27: The Mary's Room Thought Experiment
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 26: The Not-So-Saintly St. Olga of Kiev
Show Details40min 9s
Episode 25: The Centralia Fire & Ghost Town
Show Details39min 11s
Episode 24: The Mysterious History of the Cecil Hotel
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 23: The Chaotic and Scandalous Life of Mary Shelley
Show Details43min 36s
Episode 22: Mary Colter, Little-known Architect of the Grand Canyon National Park
Show Details27min 9s
Episode 21: Aimo Koivunen's Meth-Fueled Frenzy
Show Details49min 31s
BONUS Minisode: Mistakes Were Made...Also Fun Facts!
Show Details16min 13s
Episode 20: The Life & Death of Rasputin
Show Details39min
Episode 19b: The Stanford Prison Experiment Part 2
Show Details39min 30s
Episode 19: The Stanford Prison Experiment Part 1
Show Details40min 42s
Episode 18: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS)
Show Details32min 15s
Episode 17: The Denver International Airport Conspiracy
Show Details44min 35s
Episode 16: Billy Hull's Abandoned Playboy Mansion
Show Details31min 38s
BONUS EPISODE: New Co-Host Interview
Show Details23min 19s
Episode 15: Coffin Birth, Chicken Poop Prison, Packing Peanuts, and Cooping...Goodbye, Lauren!
Show Details29min 33s
Episode 14: The Walkie-Talkie "Death Ray" Skyscraper
Show Details27min 50s
Episode 13: Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess
Show Details46min 19s
Episode 12: Pepsi “Number Fever”
Show Details29min 33s
Episode 11: Feral Children
Show Details40min 14s
Episode 10: Oscar the Therapy Cat
Show Details24min 20s
Episode 9: Project Pigeon (Project ORCON)
Show Details24min 21s
A Very Special Easter Message
Show Details1min 43s
Episode 8: Transient Global Amnesia (TGA)
Show Details35min 44s
Episode 7: The Dancing Plague of 1518
Show Details36min 46s
Episode 6: Murder, Suicide, or Suspicious Death? The Marilyn Monroe Conspiracies
Show Details59min 54s
Episode 5: Ma'Nene, the Bizarre & Beautiful Funerals of the Torajan People
Show Details32min 55s
Episode 4: The Unsinkable Woman, Violet Jessop
Show Details33min 21s
Episode 3: Dark Empaths
Show Details31min 30s
Episode 2: Viking Wedding Traditions
Show Details28min 44s
Episode 1: Wojtek: The Bear Who Served in World War II
Show Details28min 6s
Show Details2min 21s