Todd Winkler Episode –Todd Winkler, The Scissor Wielding Murderer

43m | Feb 20, 2023

In this week’s episode of Housewives of True Crime, Tabitha and Gretchen discuss a case from Cameron Park, California.

The conversation focuses on Todd Winkler and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the murder of his wife Rachel. Tabitha and Gretchen start things off nicely by exchanging Presidents Day wishes but then things take a sudden turn as dirty secrets and grim details emerge about the day of the crime. Nothing is off the table in this episode as Gretchen and Tabitha talk about affairs, being cheated on, and whether women should keep the ring if it doesn’t work out.

“I don’t want to brag but I’ve been cheated on multiple times, believe it or not people.” – Gretchen (19:58)

From the outside, Rachel and Todd Winkler looked like a normal couple living together with their three children. Todd was an ex-F16 fighter pilot and Rachel was General Manager working near the airport. But nothing about their marriage was normal. Both had their fair share of dirty secrets including Todd faking a car crash to collect insurance money and Rachel having an affair with the maintenance man.

“By the way she did not hide her love affair with her neighbors. They saw James all the time. So maybe she just didn’t give a shit. Oh right, he is fixing my pipes at home. He is cleaning everything!” – Tabitha (18:18)

When word of the affair reached Todd, he confronted James about it to no avail. Things come to a head when Rachel decides to divorce Todd and confront him about the custody of the children. A scuffle ensues and Todd stabs Rachel citing self-defense. However, crime scene investigators find contradictory evidence and combined with the mysterious death of Todd’s wife from a previous marriage under similar circumstances, they arrest him and Todd is subsequently sentences to 26 years to life in prison. The children are sent to live with their grandparents. Heartbreak, humor, deception, and twists; it’s all happening on today’s episode of Housewives of True Crime.

In This Episode:

  • (00:49) – Gretchen and Tabitha talk about President’s Day. 
  • (02:32) – Tabitha talks about her husband getting kidney stone surgery on Valentine’s Day
  • (05:49) – Getting ready to talk about today’s case.
  • (06:00) – Tabitha and Gretchen talk about Cameron Park, California
  • (08:08) – Talking about Todd Winkler, his wife Rachel and his 3 children.
  • (09:25) – Tabitha goes over Rachel’s early life and upbringing.
  • (10:50) – On Rachel meeting Todd and getting married 3 weeks later.
  • (11:56) – Rachel getting a job near the airport.
  • (13:00) – The dirty little secrets of Todd and Rachel.
  • (14:18) – Talking about Todd getting caught shoplifted.
  • (14:32) – Todd’s problem with lying about cancer and faking a car crash for insurance money.
  • (15:02) – Tabitha talks about her pet peeve. 
  • (16:06) – Comparing relationships, celebrities, and Instagram.
  • (16:40) – Gretchen talks about the Brad and Jennifer breakup.
  • (17:10) – On Rachel having an affair with James.
  • (19:30) – On Todd confronting James.
  • (20:00) – Gretchen on being cheated on multiple times.
  • (20:30) – Tabitha on what she did when she found her boyfriend was cheating on her.
  • (22:30) – Rachel deciding to divorce Todd and confronting him with the news.
  • (22:50) – Todd version of events after the confrontation.
  • (24:24) – Todd stabbing Rachel in self-defense.
  • (26:15) – Talking about the crime scene, scissors marks, and neighbor’s account.
  • (29:09) – Rachel’s last works before she died.
  • (30:10) – Talking about the death of Todd’s second wife, Cathy.
  • (35:30) – Todd collecting Cathy’s life insurance after her death.
  • (36:49) – Todd is taken into custody and charged with Rachel’s murder.
  • (37:30) – Tabitha plays Todd’s crazy court room outburst.
  • (38:25) – Todd is found guilty and gets 25 years to life.
  • (39:13) – On Rachel’s dad taking custody of the children.
  • (40:00) – What happened to James, his wife and daughter afterwards.
  • (41:01) – On Rachel keeping the ring James gave her.
  • (41:25) – Tabitha and Gretchen discuss whether women should keep the ring or give it back.

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