Hustle Meets Hollywood, The Curious Case of Bonny Lee Bakley wife of actor Robert Blake

1h 0m | Mar 20, 2023

In this week’s episode of Housewives of True Crime, Gretchen and Tabitha talk about a celebrity crime case involving the Robert Blake who just passed away recently. Today’s episode focuses on Bonny Lee Bakely who was shot and killed under suspicious circumstances in a car, as her husband, the famous actor Robert Blake was in the restaurant where they had just concluded dinner.

Listen in as Tabitha and Gretchen talk about Bonny’s life of hustle from an early age, her 9 marriages, her relationship with Robert Blake and side hustles that made her many enemies.

“It's fun because the lifeguards are still here. It's open rain or shine. And yeah, the lifeguards are doing it because, you know, that's all they do on these days that nothing's happening. So, they're all out there and they're like shredding. It's really fun to watch.” Tabitha (05:12)

“I also found it ironic that Alec Baldwin posted a tribute to Robert Blake upon his passing. This is what it said. I know some people will have some harsh feelings about him. He had some dramatic entanglements. But I want to remember the talented actor he was okay. To which I say. Sit the fuck down, Alec. Okay. Are you ever going to learn when to shut up?” Gretchen (58:00)

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