The Worst Kind of Terrible-Twos: The Muder of Belinda Temple and Her Unborn Daughter

55m | Feb 6, 2023

For this week's case, Tabitha takes us back to the Lonestar state and focuses on the tragic murder of Belinda Temple and the jarring investigation to capture the culprit.

Belinda Temple was a special education teacher, and her husband David Temple was a former football star turned football coach in Katy, TX. They met in college, fell in love, got married, and Belinda gave birth to their son, Evan. They were living the perfect family life, with an unborn daughter on the way as well.

“David was instantly attracted to Belinda and friends said that they were just one of those perfect couples.” - Tabitha (13:17)

On January 19th, 1999, everything changed. Belinda got a call that Evan was sick and needed to be picked up from daycare early. Because of a work meeting, David was asked to pick Evan up. After the meeting, Belinda went to her in-laws to pick up some soup for Evan and headed home. David told Belinda he was taking Evan to the park, but instead made a series of detours and went back home after awhile. 

David got home and found Belinda in their closet with a shotgun wound to her head. Police were called and an autopsy determined Belinda Temple was murdered execution style. As the husband and the person who found Belinda, David is the primary suspect for investigators. David does not convince investigators of his innocence, but there is no concrete evidence pointing at him as the murderer.

As police continue their investigations, other potential suspects begin to surface. As these other suspects and people close to the Temple family start to talk, the shiny cover of the perfect family gets shattered as a completely darker side of the picture perfect relationship between David and Belinda is revealed…

“Yeah, it's like there's being a dick and then there is extra.” - Gretchen (39:38)

The twists and turns on this murder case cannot be missed! Gretchen and Tab have plenty to say about the David and belinda Temple case and both gals do not hold back on their opinion’s of David in this instant classic episode of Housewives of True Crime. 

In This Episode

  • (0:20) Gretchen and Tab gab about the cold weather and crazy field trips that kids go on
  • (6:16) We are back in Texas for this week’s case
  • (9:19) Katy, TX is a football town and David Temple was the hometown football star
  • (12:45) David met his future wife, Belinda Lucas, in college
  • (17:56) The day Belinda Temple and her unborn daughter are tragically executed
  • (27:20) Police begin their investigation, and David their primary suspect
  • (32:40) Police also investigate student Riley Joe Sanders as a suspect
  • (35:38) Police receive a tip to question teacher Heather Scott who was having an affair with David
  • (38:01) Throughout the investigation, we learn David did not treat Belinda well
  • (45:40) Prosecutors brought the case to the grand jury in 1999, but there was no trial due to lack of evidence
  • (46:17) In 2004, new evidence emerges typing David to the murder of Belinda
  • (47:10) Famed prosecutor Kelly Seagler managed get David charged guilty for Belinda’s murder
  • (48:59) An evidence mishap and a law change overturned David’s case in 2016
  • (50:12) David was tried and found guilty again in 2019
  • (51:44) David’s trial for sentencing is set to begin in March 2023
  • (52:16) Tab and Gretchen share their thoughts on David’s case

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