Whispers of Deceit: The Parrot's Testimony in the Martin and Glenna Duram Small Town Tragedy

Season 1 | Episode 226
55m | Aug 21, 2023

n 2015, a murder-suicide case unfolded in Sand Lake, Michigan, involving Martin "Marty" Duram and his wife Glenna. The couple had financial troubles due to Glenna's gambling addiction, debts, and mismanagement of funds. Marty's house was about to be foreclosed. 

Suspicion arose when Marty's parents revealed that their pet parrot, Bud, repeated a chilling phrase resembling an argument between two voices. Glenna initially survived a gunshot wound to the head and was suspected to be responsible. However, the evidence didn't add up. Glenna later died from her injuries. The couple's deaths were believed to be a murder-suicide, but Glenna's erratic behavior and the evidence painted a more sinister picture.

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