The Dr. Client Case – Abusing Patient Trust and Destroying Lives How a Fertility Doctor Destroyed 94 Lives – The Cliene Files

50m | Mar 13, 2023

In this week’s episode, Gretchen and Tabitha talk about a crime that is as unconscionable as it is frightening. This crime is the epitome of invasion of privacy and destruction of lives. Rarely, you come across a crime where the victim or victims that have led care-free lives until suddenly, a new discovery changes everything for them. And the worst part is, even though they haven’t been physically harmed, the emotional scars that develop as a result of this discovery, causes them to live in pain for the rest of their lives.

Gretchen and Tabitha talk about Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility doctor from Indiana, who conceived numerous children without disclosing himself as the sperm donor to his patients. As of today, that number is 94 offspring. They talk about how a 35-year-old Jacoba, who was told that she was adopted, uncovered this disturbing truth using sites like and 23 and Me.

“Oh, got through medical school so it’s got the brains, the brain gene.” - Tabitha (11:26)

Listen as both talk about the case in detail and go over tough moments that include Jacoba and her siblings meeting Dr. Client in person for the first time, who came to the meeting armed with a gun. You will learn about Angela Genote, the reporter who air the story and also met the disgraced doctor who pleaded him to drop the story altogether. Finally you will also hear about the obstacles the criminal justice system faced in prosecuting Dr. Cliene based on vague or unclear laws, lack of surety of how to pursue despite having DNA evidence and how Dr. Client got off with a $500 fine and suspended sentence. Its’ all happening here today on Housewives of True Crime.

“That just begs the question, what did Dr. Cline do with all that jizz.” Gretchen (31:25)

In This Episode


●       (0:50) Tabitha and Gretchen talk about spring break, vacationing locations and Gretchen’s new guest.

●       (06:12) Tab and Gretchen talk about this week’s case.

●       (08:30) Jacoba calling Dr. Donald Cline for the first time.

●       (10:05) 23 and Me,, and discovering 7 half siblings.

●       (11:26) Discovering who is her father is.

●       (14:50) Angela Genote reporting the story.

●       (15:45) Cline’s children meet Jacoba to confirm her suspicions.

●       (19:15) Jacoba and the siblings meet an armed Dr. Cliene.

●       (20:07) On Jacoba receiving scripture from Dr. Cline and responding in kind.

●       (21:05) Dr. Cline meets the reporter at a Panera and begs her to stop reporting the story.

●       (23:16) Dr. Cline’s dark past and accidental fatality and newfound faith.

●       (30:22) Talking about Dr. Cline shady solo practice and his colleague’s perception of him.

●       (36:00) Discussing the difficulties in prosecuting the doctor legally based on current laws.

●       (39:05) On Dr. Cline getting subpoenaed, DNA tested and the truth coming out at last.

●       (41:30) Tab’s outrage at Dr. Cline getting a suspended sentence and $500 fine.

●       (42:20) The siblings and Jacoba go on Dr. Phill show.

●       (45:57) Where is Dr. Client now.


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