120: How to Handle FOMO on Social Media When it Comes to Motherhood and Milestones with Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn

42m | May 22, 2023

How did you and I first connect? How did you learn about this podcast? My best guess would be that you found yourself here through Instagram. Thank goodness for that!

And yet, that little app on our phone can also be the place where we find ourselves in spirals of comparison, shame, overwhelm. That little app gives us access to so many resources and possible connections, but we can leave it feeling more depleted and overwhelmed. Social media's addictive qualities can eat away at all our margins, stealing away from the real connections in front of us, and can have a direct impact on our mental health.

So...what can we do about this? 

I invited Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn to explore this with me. Together we name the issues and identify some tangible strategies for developing a healthier relationship with social media. 

We are the first generation to enter parenting in the era of social media and it's not going anywhere. So, let's figure it out together. For us, and for our children.

Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn is the Chief Medical Officer at LifeStance Health which you can learn more about at

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