138: The Bluey Breakdown: Bad Mood and Perfect

1h 8m | May 6, 2024

BLUEY! The beloved Heeler Family has touched the hearts and homes of children and adults around the world. But have you ever wondered what a therapist or parenting expert's take might be on the show and your favorite episodes? Have you ever wanted to really bring home the themes/lessons of the episode with your child or thought to yourself in a tricky parenting moment, "What would Chili or Bandit do?"

We've got you covered! I invited fellow therapist and Bluey superfan Tessa Ritchie, LCSW to help me breakdown two of our favorite Bluey episodes: Bad Mood (Season 2) and Perfect (Season 3).

You're going to want to take notes on the parenting strategies and connecting conversation starters shared in this episode, but no need to because we did it for you with the free Bluey Breakdown pdf you can download here or by visiting!

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