121: The Roots of Perfectionism with Monique Melton

43m | Jun 5, 2023

In this episode we explore the roots of perfectionism with anti-racism educator Monique Melton!

Monique answers the questions:

What is the cost of perfectionism on all humans?
What steps can we begin to take to unhook from perfectionism and face the way it hurts black people?

Monique Melton is an educator, published author, content creator, international speaker, and host of the Shine Brighter Together podcast. She is also the founder of Shine Bright School, which is a global community of people dedicated to doing the work from the inside out for our liberation. The school offers education on topics such as anti-racism in the workplace, equitable business development, anti-racism parenting, inner work/personal growth, committing to anti-racism as a daily practice, and healthy relationships.

She is a wife to her high-school sweetheart and a loving mother to two little ones. She is also a natural big, bold dreamer and a joyfully unapologetic Black woman who believes we shine brighter together.

Learn more from her through the Shine Bright School by clicking here or visiting

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