Ep 46 - "How to Research that New Dream Job - Part 1" with Steven Rothberg

26m | Nov 15, 2022

Research? That sounds dull...

We say: not so fast gentlewomen and gentlemen (and everybody in between), not so fast.

Needing a new job is a daunting prospect. Whether you find yourself made redundant at your current employer, are an independent that needs a break from the entrepreneurial hustle, or simply can no longer stand your current one and it is

With few and lucky exceptions, almost all of us have found ourselves at this junction in life. And for those of you who have been there, you will remember that the situations necessitating a new job tend to be a drain on our energy. And job search is an exceptionally energy-demanding task. Needless to say: it can be a terrible chore.

Which is why today on the HIGHER! Career Podcast, we invited the ever so delightful Steven Rothberg, Chief Visionary Officer at College Recruiter. While Steven's business focuses on helping college students take their first steps in the professional world, his insights transcend the realm of entry-level positions. You see, Steven is a virtuoso in the world of job boards, think Monster, LinkedIn, Google, the list goes on.

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at the screen of the LinkedIn "Jobs" section, your mouse hovering over the "Search" field with your mind going blank, asking yourself "How do I even get started?".

Steven is here to break it down for us and teach us how to wield the power of job boards to curate an automated drip feed of potential jobs that:

  • Match your skills
  • Match your interests
  • Have a high potential of success should you decide to apply

This is Part 1 of our conversation with Steven, which focuses our attention on practical ways in which we can identify the building blocks we need to program this high-potential drip feed of jobs across job boards: your interests, your skills and experience, your values and your compensation.

Let's go get it!

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