Ep 36 - "How to Turn Failure into Success" with Arnaud Henneville-Wedholm

49m | Feb 22, 2022

What if career failure wasn't a failure at all, but could be turned into success?

We are sure that almost everyone has been at this point in their lives where the world seems to have stopped: demotion, made redundant, start-up collapsing, an application to the dream job declined.

It sucks, it feels like the end. But as with so many things in life, it is all a matter of perspective, with what kind of eyes you look at the problem at hand.

Today on the show is Arnaud Henneville-Wedholm, tech-start-up person, motivational genius. His super power: failure-to-success magic.

Arnaud is chatting to us about how what seemed like an incredibly successful start-up for 6 years with big investors, eventually failed. And how decided to leverage this failed venture and spin it into a new and even shinier one.

If you love this episode, be sure to check out Arnaud's book "How Hard Can It Be?", which sheds a light on the less glamorous side of running a start-up and how despite the hard-ship you can sail the ship into a safe haven.

Have a listen, have a laugh, learn a little and have a fabulous day!

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