Ep 35 - "How to Rethink Failure in Your Career" with Coca Cola HBC's Duarte Garrido

36m | Feb 8, 2022

Failure. Terrible isn't it, especially when you think about it in terms of your career.

This month on the HIGHER! Career Podcast, we focus our energies on changing our perception of the concept of failure. Rather than considering it something terrible that happens to us, our jobs and our careers, a stopping point, we want to consider it as a stepping off point. Something that is a natural part of life, something that allows us to shift gears, learn, start over, realise our dreams.

Kicking us off is the splendid Duarte Garrido, whose career journey is a wild and wicked and rich roller coaster that took him from academia, to blue collar, back to academia and into the world of corporate (with an intermezzo of 3 months as a global nomad in between). Duarte never stopped to think "all of this is leading nowhere". Instead, he launched himself into the journey and enjoyed the process that sometimes is the unknown and unforeseen. In short: life.

Duarte also does pro bono work for an amazing sustainability start-up, check out: handprint

Have a listen, have a laugh, learn a little and have a fabulous day!

Let's go get it!

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