Ep 43 - "How to Recognise and Deal with Fear, Burnout & Toxic Culture" with Barb Garrison

42m | Aug 8, 2022

Things like burnout and toxic culture at the workplace have become buzz words big time. But much like any good pop culture rumour, words become buzzy for a reason: the actions that inspire them have become all too prevalent.

With us on the show today is the incredible (and most funny) Barb Garrison from Internal Groove: career coach, speaker, author and facilitator helping burned out professionals create relief & freedom.

We brought Barb on because we wanted to explore the concepts and feelings behind those buzzy terms, burnout, fear, toxic management. Knowing how to recognise their emergence in oneself is half the medicine, for it allows us to prevent these states from ever becoming ours. Tune in by finding your favourite podcast player above to learn how to change your career trajectory by:

  • Recognising your body’s signs that you are actually not feeling well (and then finding out why). Ever felt the Sunday shakies because work recommences on Monday?
  • Charting the world around you for potential stressors, their nature and motivations. Ever had a boss that just seemed to make your life hell?
  • Devising counter measures to take the power back. Barb comes jam-packed with practical scenarios and solutions that can help you strategise about how you too can reclaim your spot in the driver’s seat of your career and happiness.

Let's go get it!

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