Ep 32 - December Special

31m | Dec 1, 2021

Today is World Aids Day. Which just so happens to fall on the day after #GivingTuesday. Two incredibly powerful days on the global annual agenda. Two which we dedicate this episode, to raise our voices for solidarity around the globe, share our thrill about progress with you and enjoy a laugh or two right in the face of all the progress we have yet to make.

Special shout-out to ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, who advocate tirelessly for the kind of inter-cause thinking that today's World Aids Day is all about. You rock!

Welcome back to Higher! everyone. The podcast full of wicked stories from the job market and experts showing us how to succeed in it. Because we've all been there haven't we, it's time to get unstuck. It's time to make some change. It's time to lead. Let's go get it!

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Every now and again we like to do a little something cheeky. This show is about your career, it is about helping you realise your dreams and live the life you want. But here is the kicker: we have a hidden agenda.

You see, we are deeply value-driven people. Nikki is the a powerful advocate for all things diversity, equity and inclusion, specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. Tom is a professional advocate and advisor for sustainable development and transformation of our economy through communications in the private sector and beyond. So every now and again, we reserve an episode just for ourselves. To talk about what's going on in the world. To talk about what moves and shakes us these days. This is that episode.

We want you to realise your own values, and start to stand up for them. But it's hard to do when you're struggling daily to manage your 9-5. Where is the headspace to become vocal about what you care for? That's why this show exists. That's what we are about.

Have a listen, have a laugh, learn a little and have a fabulous day!

Let's go get it!

HIGHER! -- with Nikki Symmons and Tom Zamzow


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