Ep 40 - "How to Beat the Algorithm with Your Job Application" with Michael Yinger

50m | May 10, 2022

Ever felt like your job applications are not given a fair shake by a set of human eyes? Mind the Applicant Tracking System.

Today with us on the show is the effortlessly brilliant Michael Yinger, COO and Co-Founder at Resume Sieve, an intuitive candidate evaluation platform that fast-tracks resume assessment.

We brought Michael onto the show because we hear all too often, from friends, family, colleagues and listeners, that they feel like their resume is not given the time of day. They matched it perfectly to the job description, jumped through all the hoops modern job application systems have to offer and somehow keep receiving the same old automated "no thanks" email in response.

Michael's career in the field of talent acquisition and human resources has allowed him to peek behind the scenes and tell us what is actually going on.

Most companies nowadays use what is called an Applicant Tracking System. It is a software that pre-screens the deluge of CVs sent their way, filtering for what it believes to be the most worth while for a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist to look at.

As with anything in life, there are positives and negatives to this system and it all depends on whether you speak its language. To learn how, take a listen!

Let's go get it!

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