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Hidden Perspective is an independent podcast that provides researched breakdowns of political issues, without BS or partisanship.


Our Authoritarian Moment
Show Details1hr 3min
Is This The Worst Piece of Journalism in History?
Show Details1hr 2min
Jules Loses It At Melbourne's Most Recent Lockdown
Show Details46min 53s
What do AFL, Mindfulness and Gambling Have in Common?
Show Details46min 51s
Why Was An African-Australian Academic Called Racist
Show Details59min 5s
Your Art Is Problematic
Show Details43min 45s
Murdoch Is Just a Cover for This Problem...
Show Details1hr 12min
Vikings in the Capitol & The Internet Bans Trump
Show Details1hr 6min
Is It Time to Break Up Facebook?
Show Details21min 38s
Is Rupert Murdoch a Cancer on Democracy?
Show Details37min 30s
Was the U.S. Election Rigged Against Trump?
Show Details37min 19s
Why the Polls Lie
Show Details22min 42s
NY Post Censored: What Does It Really Mean?
Show Details38min 22s
The Lockdown Capital of the World
Show Details2hr 5min
Picking Up the Pieces from the First 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate
Show Details44min 9s
Vaccine or Indefinite Lockdown: When Will COVID End?
Show Details22min 13s
The Origins of the Drug War You Were Never Told (Drug War Part 2)
Show Details36min 55s
A Conversation on Drug Addiction (Drug War Part 1)
Show Details1hr 5min
Coronavirus: Why Our Governments Failed & Lied to Us
Show Details38min 53s
The Hidden Side of Trump's Trade War (US-China Trade War Part 2/2)
Show Details52min 36s
Trade War Background & Pro-Free Trade Arguments (US-China Trade War Part 1/2)
Show Details28min 29s
Opposition to UBI (UBI Part 4/4)
Show Details18min 58s
Libertarians & UBI (UBI Part 3/4)
Show Details19min 5s
Progressives & UBI (UBI Part 2/4)
Show Details23min 39s
Universal Basic Income (UBI) Background & Experiments (UBI Part 1/4)
Show Details17min 42s
Welcome to Hidden Perspective!
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