Her Defined

What does your career mean to you? Her Defined is dedicated to the woman in her late 20's figuring out and achieving her dream job. Featuring interviews with female founders, businesswomen, and professional experts, you’ll feel motivated to go after what you want and understand how to intentionally navigate the industry you’re working in, all to achieve your career goals. 

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25. Dheandra Nicolette - Manifesting your dream career, creating a powerful vision board and ignoring viral trends to solidify your brand and social presence.
Show Details51min
24. Sonia Ashok - Channeling rest and self-care daily to be more productive, forging your own career path and collaborating with other women to foster a community.
Show Details40min 14s
23. Rubina Ahmed Haq - The best kept secrets to freelancing, "tweaking" as the new budget setting and understanding your financial position.
Show Details52min 14s
22. Becca Slaughter - Surviving the night shift, finding your purpose outside your profession and starting all over again.
Show Details35min 4s
21. Megan Walker - Why we need more women in positions of power, finding your ideal workplace and the balancing act of work and personal life.
Show Details27min 27s
20. Yaa Birago - Successfully breaking into an already booming industry, how to gain brand awareness without a marketing budget and leveraging your passions to build your business.
Show Details39min 45s
19. Jass Stupak - Changing your mind about your career, being realistic and logistical about taking your passion full-time and turning consistency into a routine.
Show Details39min 25s
18. Get to Know Me + The Top 3 Career Lessons I Learned from Female Founders
Show Details18min 23s
17. Lori Nestore - Learning for your brain type, finding a business partner that compliments you and working smarter not harder.
Show Details38min 57s
16. Victoria Lyons - Normalizing women carrying condoms, crowdfunding like a pro and creating a powerful brand of influence.
Show Details27min 18s
15. Erika Berthelot - Scrappy and savvy, learning the business as you go and knowing when to ask for help.
Show Details30min 44s
14. Tianna McFarlane - How to combine passion with persistence to get what you want.
Show Details27min 21s
13. Darlene Gahite - How to endure and enjoy the process of growing your business.
Show Details43min 37s
12. Nuria Madrenas - How to gain exposure for your brand or business.
Show Details37min 26s
11. Ivana + Antonia Juric - How to find success through discomfort.
Show Details31min 14s
10. Calene Glousher - How to push past your limits and achieve your goals.
Show Details50min 59s
09. Celina Caesar-Chavannes - How to find your voice.
Show Details42min 24s
08. Jessica Zagari - How to set yourself apart through perseverance.
Show Details37min 27s
07. Teri Canestraro + Sarah Singleton - How to know your worth and trust your gut.
Show Details54min 41s
06. Rebecca Freed + Sheridan March - How to make your own way and not accept the norm.
Show Details35min 16s
05. Victoria D'ariano - How to improve social media engagement and measure your success with Instagram.
Show Details37min 29s
04. Linda Secondi - How to create a quality beauty product while protecting the planet.
Show Details33min 22s
03. Sarah Dilys Cuddy - How to go after your career while honouring and maintaining your health.
Show Details43min 13s
02. Bridget George - How to follow your heart and pursue your passion.
Show Details55min 44s
01. Kim Ziegner - How to thrive within a male dominated society.
Show Details43min 16s