in our f*ck it era with bestie selina

Episode 6
1h 24m | Jun 15, 2023

We finally listened to a podcast other than ours, can you tell with this new intro style? in this episode we are with Louise's roommate in australia, selina? she's done it all... maybe a little too much tbh. she worked for six months in australia (getting paid too) and traveled in america for a month (yikes). i mean, who doesn't like an english gals perspective on the chaos that is america? we chat about how to manage a 9-5 and still travel, budgeting and flight hacks, crazy parties, finding the perfect balance of planning and not, and the even crazier experiences she had (like hitchhiking). selina takes us on a journey that realllly makes us wonder what koke & louise will get into on their future travels.

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