• home era in haunted savannah

    honey im home! in this episode koke and louise talk all things from their four year home: savannah, georgia. its spooky, its haunted, but you can carry your alcohol anywhere so the ghosts are worth it. also, southern charm and food??? say less, count us in. we have grown to love savannah (except for in the summer iykyk) and you should too.

    E6 - 1h 21m - Jun 28, 2023
  • in our f*ck it era with bestie selina

    We finally listened to a podcast other than ours, can you tell with this new intro style? in this episode we are with Louise's roommate in australia, selina? she's done it all... maybe a little too much tbh. she worked for six months in australia (getting paid too) and traveled in america for a month (yikes). i mean, who doesn't like an english gals perspective on the chaos that is america? we chat about how to manage a 9-5 and still travel, budgeting and flight hacks, crazy parties, finding the perfect balance of planning and not, and the even crazier experiences she had (like hitchhiking). selina takes us on a journey that realllly makes us wonder what koke & louise will get into on their future travels.

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    E6 - 1h 24m - Jun 15, 2023
  • speed dating (gone off the rails)

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    It is time you got to know the cohosts… One might call this extended speed dating where Koke and Louise go back and forth answering questions they prepared for each other. The questions range from your simple get to know someone, to moral questions to random quickfire questions. Nothing is really thaaaatt quick with us though, we love our tangents.

    E7 - 55m - May 31, 2023
  • give us attention please...international girlies take on food & friends

    Get 15% off your next online purchase at PERC Coffee using our code "guesswhere15"! https://linktr.ee/guesswhereiam

    hey, it's us again. we're in some need of attention if you can't tell. but it's okay. soon enough, we will be abroad, and everyone will love our accents. but for now, we're still stuck in the south of the US. today, we talk about the importance of plane seating, our favorite dystopian series, how we only sit on couches and in bars, breaking US citizen stereotypes, and the friendships we made along the way. there's some good stuff... and some moments where we go on tangents... but we are just so loveable (right???)

    E6 - 46m - May 3, 2023
  • blissfully unaware but our patreon has the answers...

    Get 15% off your next online purchase at PERC Coffee using our code "guesswhere15"! https://linktr.ee/guesswhereiam

    does our patreon have the answers? we really need you right now... we... have one brain cell in this episode. but do not worry there's still advice on how to put yourself out there traveling locally or internationally and imposter syndrome. there will always be boy talk (get used to it), the gwia (gwia gwia iykyk) glossary, graduating, and more. Kokes talks about her extended solo spring break and her embarrassing (but not actually) trip to the grocery store.

    we love this. we know you love this. love you. bye.

    E5 - 54m - Apr 18, 2023
  • zombie watching with our scottish lad matty

    Get 15% off your next online purchase at PERC Coffee using our code "guesswhere15"! https://linktr.ee/guesswhereiam

    The man, the myth, the legend, and Scottish lad Matty Ayres joins us this week! He spills the tea on how the infamous goon is created, adorable raccoons, and teaches us about our new favorite pass time: zombie watching. 

    Matty has spent 6 months in Australia (jealous), from backpacking up the East Coast to living as next-door neighbors with our co-host Louise (bless his soul). He's got great advice on how to live, travel, sports (dude), and making friends from a male perspective. As well as shares a few fun stories about wild mondays with Louise.  

    53m - Apr 6, 2023
  • mullets, gwia glossary, and travel hacks... your favorite duo is back!

    And just like that, we are back and better than ever. It's just the two of us talking about all the reasons YOU should make that jump and go abroad to travel. We got tips for packing light to packing nothing (literally nothing). Are you worried about all the expenses? No worries. Koke and Louise got your back with advice on saving and budgeting (even though they lowkey lived lavishly). We are here to motivate you to travel and have lots of confidence because it is possible and quite frankly one of the best decisions you will ever make. We loooove slang and picked up on a lot in Australia. So we get into the official 'guess where i am glossary' and go over a few of our favorite slang words (shameless promo: remember to check our Instagram @guesswherepodcast for future reference). We hope you enjoy this episode. We had so much fun recording (even though it was 2 am lol). 

    E3 - 38m - Mar 22, 2023
  • creatures creepin, magpies swoopin, but Emilia has our backs

    In today's episode we go all around the globe… just kidding. We’re actually in Savannah. Luckily, we have our first interviewee Emilia who is from the countryside of England but is currently in Cairns, Australia! Koke met Emilia while traveling in December of 2022 and immediately hit it off! Throughout this episode, Louise and Koke discuss the epic highs and lows of living in Australia from dangerous insects to even more dangerous birds. It totally doesn’t faze them though. Anyway, with Emilia's advice on traveling young, her favorite spots while going up the east coast, and the infamous Gilligans Hostel, you’ll be more than prepared, and hopefully inspired, for any journey. Because why not travel when you're young…. Tbh everyone is doing it.

    E2 - 37m - Mar 8, 2023
  • and so it begins... in australia

    Welcome to the guess where i am podcast! Koke and Louise are two best friends in their early 20s, from the North East in the United States. In December of 2022, they found themselves both in Australia simultaneously, having two completely different trips. In todays episode, they quickly touch upon topics such as traveling solo as a woman, out-of-country trip anxiety, backpacking, and working in another country.

    E1 - 11m - Feb 22, 2023
  • welcome to the guess where i am podcast!

    guess where i am (and who i’m with) is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by best friends, Anna Koke and Louise Dill. After years of dreaming, they both finally made it to Australia. They had completely different experiences, so here they are to share their travel stories, tips and tricks for backpacking, and motivation to travel.

    1m - Feb 15, 2023
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