Sober Curious | Amanda Kuda

43m | Mar 10, 2022

I was swerving outta my lane before Amanda agreed to come on the show! Today we are talking all things elective sobriety. Amanda was one of the first to pioneer a path of elective sobriety and is on a mission to share her message. Stomping out stigma, shame, or the story that there needs to be a "problem" in order to get sober, Amanda provides tangible tools for anybody that is sober curious!

Today, we dive into:

- Elective Sobriety

- Impostor at AA

- 1 month, 3 months, 1 Year of Sobriety

- Drinking to Avoid

- Drinking to Achieve

- Sober Dating 

- Anxiety of Communicating Sobriety 

- The Energetic Level of Alcohol

- Up-Leveling Your Self-Worth 

- Unbottled Potential

I think a sober month is in order for me. Who wouldn't want to level up? Xo!

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