• Eclipse Energy, Listening, & Behavior Change

    We'll blame today's unhinged episode on eclipse energy. Coming back down from crying in a field, the gals explore:

    • Eclipse energy
    • 7 years since totality
    • Embracing our human-ness
    • Listening does not mean agreeing
    • Behavior change

    Until next week, enjoy the show! Xo!

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    41m - Apr 22, 2024
  • The Hangxiety is REAL

    You've caught the girls in an especially... let's say, "anxious" episode. Both Amy and Linds enjoyed the weekend and explain the reason behind the Sunday Scaries and dreaded "hangxiety." Sharing their own stories, the gals explore:

    • What is Hangxiety?
    • Thoughts match your physiology 
    • Breathwork for down-regulating
    • Increasing parasympathetic tone
    • Power of reframing 

    As always, we SO appreciate you listening! AND, if there's any topics you'd like us to cover, be sure to shoot us a DM! Until next week, xo!

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    24m - Apr 15, 2024
  • What Are We? Pt. 2

    And, Amy answers the cliff hanger we left you with last week! What labels feel good for you? How do you define security in relationship? How do you gear up for hard conversations? Today the girls continue to explore defining the relationship, more specifically:

    • Has Amy defined the relationship
    • Internal and external labels 
    • When is it unhealthy to label relationships
    • Avoiding discomfort also avoids intimacy

    We'd love to hear more of your thoughts and how this episode resonates for you! Feel free to drop us a DM. Until next week, xo!

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    21m - Apr 8, 2024
  • What Are We? Pt. 1

    When to DTR... and the gals explore if Amy is actually in a relationship. If the topic of "what are we" sends shivers down your spine, we have the episode(s) for you. Defining the relationship can be vulnerable and a scary conversation. Normalizing that experience and giving some tips and tricks along the way the ladies explore:

    • Attachment styles explained
    • Exploring your own attachment style 
    • Your responsibility in attachment style healing
    • “You’re only as needy as your unmet needs”
    • How attachment shows up in our relationships
    • Vulnerability as a path to healing 
    • Feel it to heal it 

    Stay tuned for next week's episode and be sure to share this with someone who could benefit from the conversation! Until next week, xo!

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    42m - Apr 1, 2024
  • Not Every A**hole Is A Narcissist

    Lindsey gets a little heated in today's episode... thank goodness Amy is a therapist. Today, the gals dive into:

    • Lindsey’s latest frustration
    • No room for nuance 
    • Contributing to empowerment 
    • “Narcissist” is not a casual term
    • Your own responsibility in healing
    • Boundaries protect your peace

    We'd love to hear what you're thinking about the show! And, a 5-star rating and review is always appreciated. Until our next unhinged week, xo!

    24m - Mar 25, 2024
  • Solo Adult-ing Survival Guide

    This one is for all of you solo-adults out there... who let us grow up anyway? We never asked for this. RUDE. Amy shares her latest trials and tribulations as the ladies explore:

    • A human approach to stress management
    • Becoming a to-do list hero
    • Reframing earning your rest
    • Honoring your process
    • Stress survival guide 

    If you love the show, let us know with a 5-star rating and review. We'd love you even more! Until next week, xo!

    27m - Mar 18, 2024
  • HOT TAKE: You're Contributing To Your Suffering. Here's How!

    Brutal reality check to start the week, eh? Today the girls dive into how we are making matters worse, how we contribute to our own suffering, and how to make that grey little rain cloud around our head clear away a bit more quickly. Specifically, they explore:

    • Story Time: Lindsey gets hit on at In n Out
    • Experience of the collective
    • Contributing to your own suffering
    • Behavior change
    • 4 questions to question the “truth”

    If you loved the show...let us know! We'd love to see a 5-star rating and review come through from you! Until next week, xo.

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    22m - Mar 4, 2024
  • The Untamed Truth Of Wild Writing

    We've hinted at it long enough! Amy hosts a therapeutic writing group and today we explore the in's and out's of wild writing. More specifically, we dive into:

    • What is Wild Writing
    • Poetry as a prompt
    • Outrunning your inner critic
    • Telling the messy truth

    While you're outrunning your inner-critic, sprint to sign up for Amy's next writing group! And, as always, we'll see you next week! Xo!

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    24m - Feb 26, 2024
  • Slow Down! Wounded Inner-Child On Board!

    Think we should get bumper stickers made? Today we chat about Amy's road rage experience, and what triggering moments have to teach us about ourselves. More thoroughly, the gals explore:

    • Planning to rest
    • Road rage & dysregulation 
    • Triggers as your teacher
    • Identifying your shadow
    • Responding vs. reacting
    • 6 Core Emotions
    • How to feel hard feelings

    Can't wait to chat with you all next week. Xo!

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    20m - Feb 19, 2024
  • First Date How-To’s From A Therapist

    Valentines Day is around the corner so, of course, we are talking about dating. If you find you're always dominating conversation, leaving dates exhausted, or tired of the same old date, this one's for you. Today the gals explore:

    • Speed dating & getting in the reps
    • How to actually get curious about the other person
    • Dating and vulnerability--where, when, and how
    • The knowledge in silence: respect the pause
    • Questions that revolve around storytelling

    If you use and of these tips and tricks on your next date, we'd love to hear about it. See you next week, xo!

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    33m - Feb 12, 2024
  • When A Therapist Gets Left on “Read”

    Ghosting ain't cute and texting isn't THAT hard. Today Linds and Amy chat about effective communication, specifically nonviolent communication. More specifically, the gals explore:

    • Communication & texting
    • Surprise, Amy and Linds are not cool girls
    • Steps of non-violent communication
    • No relationship is without conflict 
    • Fighting fair

    We'd love to hear how the show is going for you! Please take the time to leave a 5-star rating and review if you love listening as much as we love recording. Xo!

    35m - Feb 6, 2024
  • How To Clear Your Emotional Channel

    We're freeing up our energy today, listeners. From emotional blocks to hard conversations, this episode has you covered. We dive into:

    • Wild writing
    • Clearing the channel
    • Noticing, naming & ownership
    • Distress tolerance

    We'd love to hear how clearing the channel went for you! Please be sure to leave a 5-star rating and review! Until next week, xo!

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    27m - Jan 29, 2024
  • What Like It's Hard? Linds Tackles The 75 Hard

    Ah, the 75 Hard... so hot right now? Lindsey shares her experience with the challenge and the gals dive into:

    • What is the 75 hard
    • Words have power
    • You don’t have to do the MOST
    • Gaining mental flexibility
    • Hacking your environment for success
    • How to habit stack
    • Compassionate action

    If you're doing the same challenge, we'd love to hear how it's going for you and if these tips and tricks helped at all! Xo!

    32m - Jan 22, 2024
  • Bridezilla Actually Has Fear of Abandonment

    Yep, you read the title correctly. Lindsey shares the trials, tribulations, and trauma that have accompanied her wedding planning. Today, the girls dive into:

    • A Perfectionist’s Guide to Wedding Planning
    • Control the Controllable 
    • Stories of Being Unimportant 
    • Why is Asking for Help SO Hard
    • Fear is Normal
    • Contributing to Your Own Suffering or Success
    • Seeing Your Shadow in Someone Else

    If today's show was helpful or resonated with you, we'd love a 5-star rating and review! Xo!

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    42m - Jan 15, 2024
  • Ooops… I Looked At His Tagged Photos

    It happens to the best of us. Have you ever found yourself curious, clicking, and next thing you know... you're in the tagged photos? Don't worry, us too! Today we explore why we do it, and:

    • Oura Ring, Please Sponsor Us
    • Dating in Your 30s
    • When Curiosity Moves to Insecurity
    • Anxiety & Recognizing the Stimulus
    • Recognizing Safety in the Body
    • Shame Dies in Safe Places
    • Insecurity & Shame are BFFs
    • Naming Your Inner Critic

    As always, if you loved today's show, please be sure to leave a 5-star rating and review! Xo!

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    47m - Jan 8, 2024
  • New Year, New Show & Realistic Resolutions

    We're so glad you're here! Get Psyched is officially back, and this week we're chatting New Year's Resolutions: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    We Dive Into:

    • Reframing Resolutions
    • Productivity Does NOT Equal Worth
    • Reflection vs. Resolution
    • Why January is a Hard Time to Change
    • Word of the Year
    • Brave to Stay, Brave to go 

    Get ready for new episodes every Monday!

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    45m - Jan 1, 2024
  • TEASER! Get Psyched is BACK!

    Get Psyched is BACK and (as cliche as it sounds), better than ever! Lindsey has teamed up with friend, fellow therapist, and co-host Amy to bring you hot takes and hotter check-in's as they explore life, psychology, relationships, and more in a way only two unhinged therapists can do!

    Shows come out every Monday! We're so excited to have you along for the ride. Xo!

    4m - Dec 28, 2023
  • Staring Fear In The Face | Whitney Miller

    Whitney Miller is on the mic today bringing absolute heat. We dive into the topic of fear today, and how that's actually been Whitney's "guiding star." She shares how she's learned to lean into fear and what lessons she's learned by doing so.

    Today, we explore:

    - July 6, 2016

    - Launching Her Music Career

    - Leaning Into Fear

    - Best Feeling In The World

    - Song Writing and Leaning Into The Feminine 

    - Getting In Your Own Way

    - People Responding to my Heart

    Where can you lean into fear this week? Xo!

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    46m - Mar 23, 2023
  • Getting The Love You Want | Nick Solaczek

    Getting the love you want IS possible... it just takes some work. Today, Nick Solaczek and I chat all about it! From identifying unconscious relationship beliefs, to asking for your needs to be met in relationship, and getting your partner to join you in "the work," Nick and I cover a lot of bases in today's episode!

    Today, we explore:

    - Unconscious Attraction to The Shadow

    - Intimacy is a Trauma Trigger 

    - AFGO: Another Fucking Growth Opportunity 

    - Energetic Leaks & Exits: Infidelity

    - Finding Individuality in Partnership 

    - Becoming an Ally in Your Partner’s Healing

    Here's to finding the love you want! Until next week, enjoy the show! Xo!

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    53m - Mar 16, 2023
  • The Book of Boundaries | Melissa Urban

    It couldn't get more simple than that! The book of boundaries is OUT NOW, and author, Whole30 co-founder, and one of my biggest inspirations, Melissa Urban, is on the show today! We're talking boundaries, obviously--but this conversation is SO much more than that. If you've found yourself on the people-pleasing roller coaster and are ready to get off the ride, this one is for you. If you have a hard time when someone sets a boundary with you, today's show helps shift that outlook.

    Today, we explore:

    - Boundaries & The Whole30

    - Yes and No Boundaries 

    - Freedom in Boundaries 

    - “Clear is Kind”

    - Boundary Setting Post-Rehab

    - Discomfort of Boundary Setting

    - Scripts for Setting Boundaries

    Keep being the kind, clear, courageous YOU! Xo!

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    44m - Oct 20, 2022
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