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Fun and Gains

Fun & Gains will fuel your love for sweaty workouts, loving yourself through the process, and creating the strongest version of yourself mentally and physically. The Fun and Gains podcast is your weekly reminder that you aren't alone on your fitness journey & your motivation to keep going. Let the gains begin.


beating cancer and building a business to give back w/Mike Yewdell
Show Details1hr 1min
moments that made my day | PR's, small wins & gratitude
Show Details46min 2s
fun and gains turns ONE! | influencer Q's & event recap
Show Details38min 44s
4 reminders you need to hear | w/ britt
Show Details36min 6s
how to have a GUILT FREE holiday season w/ britt
Show Details23min 41s
SPOOKY GYM STORIES | gym creepers, ghosts, notes & stares w/ darian & britt
Show Details47min 23s
FIT GIRL FALL | college life, mindset shifts & dropping guilt w/ @girlswithgoalspod
Show Details1hr 10min
@LittleTFitness | get upside down & out of your comfort zone
Show Details37min 51s
Erin Killeen | @etkfit unfiltered: reality checks, self worth, comparison
Show Details1hr 10min
Meg Squats | finding strength in the gym, life & business
Show Details1hr 12min
gym girl Q&A | mobility, finding balance, becoming a personal trainer + more
Show Details38min 23s
Q&A: your most asked gym girl questions w/ britt
Show Details41min 3s
5 tips for living your healthiest & happiest life
Show Details32min 5s
MORE CRAZY GYM STORIES: peach emojis, neck sprains, serenades & more!
Show Details46min 29s
why it's okay to fail | overcoming the fear of failure
Show Details35min 58s
Q&A: how we first met, dating advice, balancing life w/ darian & britt
Show Details55min 36s
he's a 10, but... red flags & green flags w/ darian & britt
Show Details45min 36s
how i plan meals, grocery shop & succeed with nutrition
Show Details42min 19s
my 5-step reset routine
Show Details36min 7s
5 things i learned from my fitness journey | part 2
Show Details39min 48s
whitney simmons | it's a beautiful day to be alive
Show Details1hr 1min
my fitness journey | pregnancy, postpartum & everything in between
Show Details1hr 4min
reading your luke-warm confessions | w/ darian & britt
Show Details44min 51s
3 tips for a successful summer
Show Details40min 41s
overcoming hardships + setbacks with kylie ross
Show Details59min 30s
healthy girl summer with natalia seliger
Show Details54min 43s
bff gym girl advice | britt & katie
Show Details1hr 12min
there is no one way to #fitness | train for your goals, train for life
Show Details40min 4s
reading your gym stories: love stories, fire alarms & more, oh my!
Show Details1hr 3min
getting over the 'I'll start tomorrow mindset' + britt's new training app
Show Details33min 26s
chit chat with darian & britt
Show Details31min 46s
20 gym terms you should know
Show Details30min 13s
gym girl chat with Hebe Hiom | gym anxiety, bad workouts & reading your stories
Show Details1hr 13min
busting the biggest fitness myths for women with Sal Di Stefano // Mind Pump
Show Details1hr 24min
becoming tiktok famous in high school, baked oats & burnout with @tracesoats
Show Details51min 6s
BONUS // britt's bday bash ft. YOU
Show Details2hr 9min
5 fit tips that will change your life | the rookie vs veteran mindset
Show Details34min 44s
relationships, supplements & pantry staples | Q&A with darian & britt
Show Details50min 51s
feeling unmotivated? listen to this
Show Details43min 34s
setting boundaries, the post-college crisis & pursuing your passions with Keltie O'Connor
Show Details1hr 5min
GYM BROS TELL ALL with Darian & Bobby
Show Details1hr 22min
spilling the ~influencer~ tea with Libby Christensen
Show Details1hr 27min
life as a fit mom | all things pregnancy & postpartum with Olivia Ostrom
Show Details1hr 4min
finding a lifestyle that will last a lifetime & fitness this-or-that with Alex Rice
Show Details1hr 17min
how to build confidence in yourself, relationships, & the gym with Makayla Anisa
Show Details1hr 7min
dealing with hardship, loss, & grief while learning to love yourself through the process with Haley Polk
Show Details1hr 10min
nutrition 101: macros + micros // why nutrition matters + what it does for our health
Show Details35min 50s
beginners guide to the gym // 29 gym tips with Darian & Britt
Show Details48min 21s
PR’s, persistence & protecting your peace with Courtney Sarracino
Show Details1hr 9min
21 things i've learned in 2021
Show Details41min 35s
your juiciest gym stories // naughty or nice
Show Details1hr 9min
5 fitness trends that need to die in 2021 // & 5 i'm bringing with me to 2022
Show Details40min 15s
body image, competing & gym confidence with Jordyn Trenholm
Show Details52min 9s
BONUS // all things nursing & CRNA school with nurse darian
Show Details44min 37s
Q&A: how to create a workout split, rest days, healthy eating, being consistent & more!
Show Details38min 14s
finding balance in work, grad school, health & relationships // his and hers holiday gift guide!
Show Details48min 58s
fitness this-or-that with TikTok queen Nona Bayat
Show Details47min 16s
5 reasons you're not seeing results // progressive overload, nutrition & more
Show Details37min 18s
adapting to change & making new routines with savannah wright
Show Details41min 1s
8 fitness tips with darian and britt
Show Details31min 44s
INTRO // let the gains begin
Show Details6min 47s