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Full Send with Juan Hernandez | The Trailer Parts Outlet

Welcome to this irreverent, no bars held, brutally honest podcast. Juan Hernandez tackles everything trailer related. Business, entrepreneurship, inventory and so much more.

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Corey from HSI Duratek Joins Fell Send at NATDA!
Show Details13min 48s
Dylan Cato from Altor Locks joins us today | Full Send
Show Details6min 30s
Jacob Crabb from Diamond C Trailers Joins Juan at NATDA!
Show Details12min 21s
What Does Success Look Like to You? | Full Send
Show Details11min 3s
Building a Culture of Trust | Full Send
Show Details9min 54s
Why do you Hustle? | Full Send
Show Details10min 22s
NATDA and why you should go! | Full Send
Show Details6min 43s
Season two starts now! What's been going on?
Show Details11min 47s
The Season Finale
Show Details14min 52s
Sales to Operations | Full Send Podcast
Show Details6min 44s
I Called My Former Boss
Show Details21min 44s
Letting Go
Show Details9min 16s
Knowing Yourself and Why It's Important
Show Details8min 22s
How to achieve your goals | Setting your self up for success | Full Send
Show Details12min 8s
Customer Service Horror Story | Do you even have a green card? | Full Send Podcast
Show Details9min 31s
#Marketing #Matters, it's just as important as the sale. | Full Send
Show Details24min 37s
The most important part of any sale! THE #FOLLOW #UP | Full Send
Show Details5min 3s
The biggest #failure in sales is the close | Full Send
Show Details7min 12s
First Impressions & Presenting yourself in a sales environment | FULL SEND
Show Details6min 28s
Full Send - NATM overview - What not to do at a trade show!
Show Details12min 49s
Prospecting New Clients and Being Prepared | Full Send | How to fill your pipeline
Show Details12min 14s
How to build your Hustle PT 1: Pipeline Overview | Full Send | The Trailer Parts Outlet
Show Details11min 48s
How Fucked Up Is Fucked Up
Show Details9min 51s
When Shit Hits The Fan | The Trailer Parts Outlet | FULL SEND
Show Details10min 24s
Who the Fuck am I?
Show Details8min 31s
EP 0 - Full Send Primer
Show Details35s