Forgive Me Father

Interview based podcast about how people's relationship with God are affected by everything and anything life throws our way. Topics involve sexual orientation, drugs, mental health, family past, and more!


The Toxicity of Constant Positivity - Part II
Show Details46min 35s
The Toxicity of Constant Positivity - Part I
Show Details47min 56s
When Inclusive Churches Have Exclusive Friendships
Show Details1hr 24min
I Am Who I Am, With or Without God
Show Details1hr 9min
Is Toxic Masculinity Poisoning Pure Church?
Show Details1hr 39min
Misconceptions & Misunderstandings of "Mormon Church"
Show Details1hr 15min
Apostolic to Atheist Agnostic part 2
Show Details48min
Apostolic to Atheist Agnostic part 1
Show Details47min 10s
A Date With Doubt pt. 2
Show Details42min 41s
A Date with Doubt pt. 1
Show Details40min 56s
New Year, New Season, New...Host??
Show Details59min 15s
Church's Pressure to Peaceful Imperfection
Show Details1hr 16min
Teaching the New Generation with Our Old Struggles
Show Details54min 55s
Body Image Struggles From Modesty Teachings
Show Details55min 47s
Sobered View of Life and God
Show Details1hr 1min
Self-Awareness: Foggy Questions to Clear Conscience
Show Details59min 56s
The Great Healer, My Mental Health
Show Details44min 52s
Unwed Mother Before A Holy Father
Show Details52min 26s
Tearing Away Toxic Traditions/Teachings
Show Details47min 42s
Fear, Phobias, & Loneliness Leaving Church
Show Details1hr 2min
Years Late to Sunday Morning
Show Details47min 57s
Coming Out the Closet & the Church
Show Details1hr 3min
The Prodigal Perspective
Show Details43min 55s
The Prologue
Show Details24min 47s