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Fix Your Sciatica Podcast

How to manage your sciatica and low back pain without the use of medication or surgery.


Dance rehab and sciatica pain
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Life after surgery for sciatica
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How to submit an insurance claim for out of network care
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Moving homes with sciatica pain
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Diastesis recti and Sciatica pain
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Interview with Alex Ellis, Mobility Coach
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Cycling with Sciatica Pain
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Deadlift with sciatica pain
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CrossFit and Sciatica Pain
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Sciatica and Swimming
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Sciatica pain and BJJ
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Dr. Mak’s Experience with Pain
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How to manage sciatica pain as a busy parent.
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Running With Sciatica Pain
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Spinal Surgeries and Sciatica Pain.
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What are the best stretches for sciatica pain?
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How to get evaluated for sciatica?
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When does pain require further medical follow up?
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How does Cannabis help with chronic pain like sciatica?
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How does mindset affect chronic pain recovery.
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Sciatica pain interview with a rheumatologist
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Does core strengthening help with sciatica pain?
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Acute vs Chronic Sciatica pain
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How to find the right provider for sciatica pain.
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Prediabetes and sciatica pain
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From being in tears to being fixed in 3 visits.
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How to cure sciatica pain caused by Herniated Disc?
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How can massage help with Sciatica?
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How does weight loss affect sciatica pain?
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How to manage a Sciatica pain flareup.
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Experience an 80% sciatica pain reduction in 20 minutes or less
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Sciatica pain relief after 3+ years of physical therapy and chiropractic care.
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What medications help with sciatica pain?
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Spondylolisthesis and Sciatica Pain
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Spinal stenosis and sciatica pain.
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The truth about MRIs for Sciatica pain
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Yoga can help with Sciatica!
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What is sciatica?
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How can chiropractic care help with sciatica pain?
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The world is yours when you are pain free.
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A client fired us in 4 weeks.
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Stress stinks, poor health is worse.
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The role of inflammation on sciatica pain
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Pain relief takes one step at a time.
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East meets West: How acupuncture and collaboration can improve pain.
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Fix your sciatica in 40 minutes or less
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From heart attack to running and golfing
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Origin Story, meet Dr. Ashley Mak and Sara Subhani
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