Fix Your Sciatica Podcast

How to manage your sciatica and low back pain without the use of medication or surgery.


Episode 20 : How does weight loss affect sciatica pain?
Show Details17min 27s
Episode 19: How to manage a Sciatica pain flareup.
Show Details20min 27s
Episode 18 - Experience an 80% sciatica pain reduction in 20 minutes or less
Show Details9min 20s
Episode 17 - Sciatica pain relief after 3+ years of physical therapy and chiropractic care.
Show Details22min 3s
Episode 16: What medications help with sciatica pain?
Show Details45min 37s
Episode 15: Spondylolisthesis and Sciatica Pain
Show Details23min 21s
Episode 14: Spinal stenosis and sciatica pain.
Show Details18min 10s
Episode 13: The truth about MRIs for Sciatica pain
Show Details17min 49s
Episode 12: Yoga can help with Sciatica!
Show Details43min 9s
Episode 11 - What is sciatica?
Show Details19min 39s
Episode 10: How can chiropractic care help with sciatica pain?
Show Details33min 3s
Episode 9: The world is yours when you are pain free.
Show Details19min 56s
Episode 8: A client fired us in 4 weeks.
Show Details15min 51s
Episode 7: Stress stinks, poor health is worse.
Show Details25min 36s
Episode 6: The role of inflammation on sciatica pain
Show Details27min 30s
Episode 5: Pain relief takes one step at a time.
Show Details29min 11s
Episode 4: East meets West: How acupuncture and collaboration can improve pain.
Show Details45min
Episode 3 - Fix your sciatica in 40 minutes or less
Show Details31min 11s
Episode 2 - From heart attack to running and golfing
Show Details26min 28s
Episode 1 - Origin Story, meet Dr. Ashley Mak and Sara Subhani
Show Details33min 58s