Five Star Match Game

On the Five Star Match Game, host Joe Gagne leads two contestants through a grueling game of wrestling trivia, with each episode centered around a common theme!


9: Five Star Match Game: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Show Details43min 19s
8: Five Star Match Game: EC-DUB! EC-DUB! EC-DUB!
Show Details34min 12s
7: Five Star Match Game: WCW (1990-1995)
Show Details28min 4s
6: Five Star Match Game: Toryumon/Dragon Gate System
Show Details37min 53s
5: 5-Star Match Game #5: WrestleMania
Show Details29min 26s
4: 5-Star Match Game #4: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Show Details27min 51s
3: Five Star Match Game #3: Shake Them Ropes (WWE & NXT)
Show Details39min 52s
2: Five Star Match Game #2: Ring of Honor
Show Details26min 51s
1: Five Star Match Game #1: WWF in the 1990s
Show Details33min 49s