• We Are Chosen

    Do we realize that we have been chosen by God? But what have we been chosen to do? Volunteer at a feeding center. Call that person you haven’t seen in church in a while. Ask the church, what do they need and how could you help? Show extra kindness to the checkout person or the person next door. Pray for God to lead you toward fruit, fruit that will last. 

    In this week’s Message of the week, we are blessed with guest speaker, Bruce Blumer. Bruce shares about his ministry in Haiti called Haiti Alive. He also challenges us to step out when we see a need and follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit to be the light the world needs.

    22m - Feb 12, 2024
  • Pay Attention

    Sometimes it’s hard to know where God is calling us or where God is even present in our lives. Do we miss God working right in front of our eyes? Do we rest in God’s presence or do we choose to grind our way through the busy parts of our lives and subconsciously ignore the work of the holy spirit in our lives?

    In this week’s Message of the week, Pastor Bryce Blank shares from Isaiah 40 and challenges us to pay attention.

    20m - Feb 5, 2024
  • The Science of Faith

    How do you explain dinosaurs or the theory of evolution? Is astrology Anti-Christ? How can we hold creation and science in tension – can we believe in both? Hopefully, thoughts like this keep us curious enough to keep asking questions, and to find peace in the fact that God alone knows all things. 

    In this week’s Message of the week, we hear from Pastor Jen Tyler who shares from Acts 17. She will tackle the topic of science vs. faith and dive into how they don't conflict as much as you might think.

    21m - Jan 29, 2024
  • Is God Really At Work Here?

    How do you know when God is at work and doing something in your life? When you look back, do you recognize what God has done in the past; for you and for humanity? How about trusting that God will do good things in and through you in the future?

    In this week’s Message of the week, we hear from Pastor Bryce Blank who shares from Ezekiel 36 and reminds us that despite our hardened hearts, God is working and moving in us and through us every day.

    20m - Jan 22, 2024
  • Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good people experience bad things? Why is there suffering in the world at all – can’t God just take care of it?  


    In this week’s Message of the week, we continue our worship series titled, "Living Our Questions." We've all asked the question, "Why does God let bad things happen?" This week, we hear from Pastor Jen Tyler who shares from the 13th Psalm. This scripture gives us a foundation of faith even when we ask questions like this.

    19m - Jan 17, 2024
  • Is This Really the Same God?

    Often God of the Old Testament and New Testament are described quite differently. For example: God in the Old Testament is described as vengeful, versus the New Testament God who is more loving. How do we reconcile this and understand that this is the same God when they are so often described and understood differently?   

    In this week’s Message of the week, we begin a worship series titled, "Living Our Questions." We will be hearing sermons answering some hard questions we may not normally ask others. This week, we hear from Pastor Bryce Blank who shares from Romans 5 and sheds some light on the question: "Is this really the same God?"

    18m - Jan 8, 2024
  • Star Words NYE

    The Magi followed the star to Jesus, even if they hit a temporary dead end with King Herrod. Just as the stars guided the magi to Jesus, other stars guide us to Jesus. What “stars words” might help us as we seek Jesus in a new year? 

    In this week’s Message of the week, we hear the story of the magi from Matthew chapter 2. We celebrate the upcoming new year with a light that can only come from the lord. Pastor Bryce Blank asks, "What "star words" will make an impact on you this upcoming year?"

    22m - Jan 2, 2024
  • Simple Celebration

    It is the simple people who are the first to get to see this newborn king: Shepherds. Most people, even in town there in Bethlehem, had no idea the world was being changed by the birth of this child. We honor the glory and humility of the incarnation when our celebrations are easy, simple, and include the “least of these” and outcasts. 

    In this week’s Message of the week, we continue our worship series titled "A Simple Christmas" with a message from Pastor Jen Tyler. She shares from Luke 2 and highlights the simple celebration that took place at the birth of Jesus.

    21m - Dec 18, 2023
  • Simple Generosity

    In the story of Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus, the innkeeper remains unnamed, even though we so often focus on the detail of how there was no room for them in the Inn. Yet there is generosity in this unnamed character. After all, they went out of their way to find some room for them – this unnamed character surely didn’t have a home big enough for several extra families to also stay with them. This was an act of generosity and kindness.

    Where are we living into generosity and kindness like this? Hopefully we give in response to God’s great gift to us in Jesus. Together, let us reflect: Where are we making space for God in our lives? What are simple ways we can make room for those in need by sharing what we have?

    In this week’s Message of the week, we hear about generosity. Pastor Bryce Blank shares from Luke 2, the story of Mary and Joseph’s travel and lodging. They were unable to find room, but because of the generosity of the innkeeper, they found a place for our Savior to be born. How can we be generous in the same way, and what does a life of generosity look like?

    23m - Dec 11, 2023
  • Simply Together

    Being together with beloved people we can trust and find rest in is THE most important thing when we have good news (or difficult news, for that matter). That was certainly true here, where Elizabeth and Mary spent 3 months together before the birth of their sons – 3 months of GREAT JOY in being together.

    As we prepare for Christmas, might we too get “wrapped up” in the joy of being together to support and encourage one another – and might that joy be not of this world, but based in the love and joy we share in the Good News of the coming Christ.

    This week’s Message of the Week comes from Pastor Jen Tyler. She shares from Luke 1 and reminds us to live “Simply Together.”

    21m - Dec 8, 2023
  • Simple Preparation

    In this season of preparing for the coming of the Christ Child, we are reminded of the importance of generations of preparation before us. In this story we are reminded of the ways others – not just Mary and Joseph and their family – also prepared in ways they perhaps didn’t fully understand. What might we need to do – or stop doing as we make time to listen – in order to prepare and make space for the miracles of this season of our lives?

    This weekend we begin our advent series titled "A Simple Christmas." Today we hear from Pastor Jen Tyler who shares from Luke 1. She shares the "Preparation" that took place prior to the birth of Jesus with the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth and what that preparation looked like.

    23m - Nov 27, 2023
  • Service

    God has already given us all we need… are we ready to step up? We might feel like we aren’t worthy to proclaim the good news because of our history, or status.

    Together, we will explore ways God uses “ordinary” — faithful — people, and some of the many gifts God has given us.   

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we are blessed to be lead by our FirstChurch Youth. Alayna Nelson shares from John 13 the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet. She reminds us of the joy that comes from a life of service.

    13m - Nov 20, 2023
  • Where the Last Are First

    How do we use, let alone recognize the abundant gifts God has given us? All that we acquire comes from God. Our management of these gifts is an important part of stewardship. It matters what we do with our time, talents, and finances.   

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we encounter the question; how do we give of ourselves fully? We hear from Pastor Jen Tyler who shares from Mark 10, and highlights that the first will become last, and the last will become first.

    21m - Nov 13, 2023
  • Witness

    Evangelism is a fundamental part of who we are. The first step to inviting others to know Jesus better, is to seek to set an example to all we meet through our own words, actions, and interactions.   

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we recognize all the saints that have gone before us. What does their example of a life of witness show us today? Pastor Bryce Blank shares from 1 Peter and challenges us to live a life of witness.

    14m - Nov 6, 2023
  • The Priority of Presence

    How important is church, really? Is it that necessary to connect with others believers? Old Testament and New Testament authors would stress that it is. In our church culture today, how do we connect with God AND each other? Is there more than one way to be present in our church community?    

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we hear from Pastor Jen Tyler. She shares from Ecclesiastes 4 and reminds us that together is better than apart; unified is better than divided. What does it look like to prioritize our presence in the body of Christ?

    19m - Oct 30, 2023
  • The Power of Prayer

    Prayer is an essential part of our lives and connection to God. How and why does it matter? What does it mean for us to commit to supporting the church with our prayers, and why is that so important? We might ask ourselves, does God really answer prayer? How do we know that God is listening?    

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we begin our stewardship worship series titled "Membership to Discipleship: Our Greater Mission." We start this series with a message from Pastor Bryce Blank. He shares from Romans 8 and focuses on how we can grab hold of the Power of Prayer.

    21m - Oct 23, 2023
  • Worthy of our Praise

    We are called to recognize our God for all that we have been given. We are called to praise God. Praise is often thought of in accompaniment with music in the context of worship. Why is that? How has our praise evolved over the years? What does it mean to praise God? How can we do so in other ways?   

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we wrap up our Back to the Basics worship series with a message from Director of Worship & Discipleship, Lucas Severson. He shares from Psalm 150 and leads us in an investigation into what "praise" means and challenges us to praise God when something feels deserved AND when our relational foundation with God is all we have.

    21m - Oct 16, 2023
  • Connection Successful

    How are we connected? One of John Wesley’s main focuses was that we remain connected; to God, to those around us, and to our world. This means working with our brothers and sisters in Christ to discern God’s work and then act in ministry to/with our world. Connection points to Methodism’s origins by referring to the relationships that exist between preachers, people, and God. This practice of joining together for God’s work is one that even the Apostle Paul knew to be very important.   

    In this weeks Message of the Week, our Back to the Basics series brings us to the topic of Connection. How do we stay connected to God? To our family and friends? To our church community? Pastor Bryce Blank shares from Philippians 1, and gives us some tangible ways to connect in every aspect of our lives.

    22m - Oct 9, 2023
  • Outgoing Call

    Prayer seems like it should be so simple. Yet when it comes to actually praying it often feels awkward and complicated. What should you actually pray about? What do you say? Is there anything you shouldn’t say? Do you have to speak out loud? Where do you even start? Who even has time to pray? The truth is, prayer is simple. It’s like talking with a good friend. And here’s the best part: No matter where we are in life, God can’t wait to talk with us.  

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we continue our Back to the Basics worship series. We hear from Pastor Jen Tyler who shares from John 15. Pastor Jen recites prayers we've all prayed in the past, and challenges us to pray from our hearts because when we call, God answers the phone.

    21m - Oct 2, 2023
  • A Hopeful Word

    Our Bible is often very confusing to read. How do we read it? What is the difference between the various translations and why are they important? Understanding how to read scripture will allow the Word of God to speak to our lives.  

    In this weeks Message of the Week, we continue our fall sermon series, Back to the Basics where we revisit the basics of faith. This week we hear from Pastor Bryce Blank who shares from Romans 15 and highlights the Hope found in scripture.

    24m - Sep 25, 2023
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