The Better Man : A podcast for men looking to improve their life

Welcome to The Better Man Podcast, a podcast with one goal: to help men improve their lives, improve their mental health and help them achieve more, be happier and find the right balance.

My name is Gabriel Machuret and every week you can find 2 shows of the Better Man podcast where in 20 minutes or less, I try to help you navigate some of the most difficult challenges and questions us men face. (No pressure right?)

Before we start, a quick friendly disclaimer: This is just a conversational, solo podcast and at any stage, I pretend to be a counsellor, therapist, life coach, financial advisor or guru, this is just like 2 mates, having a chat, while drinking a coffee, tea or a cold beer.


Show 13: When things fall apart
Show Details20min 5s
Show 12: How Minimalism changed my life as a man
Show Details19min 33s
Show 11: Having Better Sex - as a man
Show Details20min 49s
Show 10: No More Mr Nice Guy, The Nice Guy Syndrome
Show Details19min 51s
Show 9: Fear and the BS stories we tell ourselves
Show Details21min 15s
Show 8: The 75 Hard Challenge - Introduction
Show Details18min 3s
Show 7: Making Money Online - A quick guide
Show Details20min 39s
Show 6: Leaving the 9 to 5 - Should you do it?
Show Details19min 38s
Show 5: Becoming a Better Dad - The challenges of Fatherhood
Show Details21min 55s
Show 4: Productivity and destroying the Procrastination Monster inside you
Show Details18min 56s
Show 3: Dealing with Divorce (part 2) - How to survive as a strong man
Show Details20min 54s
Show 2: Dealing with Divorce (part 1) - How to survive as a strong man
Show Details20min 43s
Show 1: What is your Purpose as a Man (not an easy question)
Show Details19min 40s