DaddyGate Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the chronicles of all things #Daddygate. Daddygate is the term coined for Mr. Shaun Attwoods dirty deeds and silly cover up attempts. Join Chancer and Weezy, on their semi regular coverage on the latest and greatest tid bits in the Shaun Attwood Saga.

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DADDYGATE 13: Happy Daddygate Anniversary, Strikes & Claims, Mini Year in Review, & New Developments
Show Details1hr 2min
DADDYGATE 12 - BrandNewTube Roasts Shaun Attwood, Heavily Censored Medical Conversation + More
Show Details1hr 15min
DADDYGATE 11 - "Drugged Cali" Vid, Attwood v James English, Decca Heggie & Darren Gee Podcast + MOAR
Show Details56min 15s
DADDYGATE 10 - Shill Attwood Banned & Unbanned (TWICE)
Show Details44min 59s
DADDYGATE 9 - Weezy's Content Struck Down by Attwood on OTHER Channels, Occam's Razor
Show Details53min 25s
A to Z on all things DADDYGATE BONANZA! 3 hours of Hilarity!
Show Details3hr
DADDYGATE 8 - Sippin' Hater Tears, Attwood's Takedown Attempt DENIED, James Tells Subs to F*** Off
Show Details59min 10s
DADDYGATE 7 - Three Strikes, DMCA Abuse & Little James-Nipple-Clamps Threatens to Call the Police
Show Details1hr
DADDYGATE 6 - Chancer & Snoozy talk about Attwood's cameraman/guarantor + other fun & games
Show Details53min 19s
DADDYGATE 5 - Shaun's Cameraman, Careless Cali, Poet L, Attwood Emails, & More
Show Details53min 57s
DADDYGATE 4 - Join Us for Reminiscing, Weird Goings-On in the Daddygate Universe & More.
Show Details52min 7s
The DaddyGate Podcast: Episode 3
Show Details1hr 6min
DaddyGate Podcast Episode #2
Show Details55min 2s
DaddyGate Podcast Episode #1
Show Details1hr 13min