Boba Break

Just an average college student that wants to chat with his friends to talk about anything and everything.


Boba Bit: "American" Chips Tier List
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Boba Bit: Soda Tier List
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Boba Bit: Hibernation and Other False School Teachings
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Puberty Glo-Up, Competitive Sports, Fitness, and Life
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Boba Bit: Food Controversy
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Boba Bit: Fast Food Tier List
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Boba Bit: Abstract Art
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Big Bully, Animal Farm, Being Sociable, Delivery/Ride Share Service, and Asian Attacks
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Boba Bit: Changes in Materialistic Goods & Fashion
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Our Voices, Life Changes, New Years Resolution, and Goals
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Changing Traits & Characteristics, Pet Peeves, and MORE Food
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Regrets, Overcoming Failures & Rejections, and Going Undecided for College is a Bait
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Jobs in Different Field, College Zoomed By , and Finding Motivation
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Skinny to Swole, Lacrosse Prodigy, and Professional Twitch Streamer
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Grocery & Retail Job, Streaming on Twitch, and Health & Fitness Goals
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Anime, Crying like a Bitch, Movies, and Video Games
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Music, Apartment Hunting, Nerding about School, and Online Schooling
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Failure to Success, Fitness, and Growth
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Herniated Disc, COVID-19, Cooking, Fry Rankings, and Food Cravings
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Highschool to College, Pizza Smoothie, Mukbang, Early Life Crisis
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