Lighthouse to goddessLyphe

Lighthouse to goddessLyphe is a beacon to all goddesses, of all walks, urban to rural, and everything in between. A warm invite is hereby extended to join with me in open and honest, candid dialogue for the purpose of understanding and mastering the art and technology of superNatural Agape goddess Energy. Join me on the journey to evolving into proficiency in Handling overcoming obstacles Divinely, while co-creating and intentionally manifesting, with clarity, our desires into physical experiences. Together we face the everyday surmountable challenges today's modern goddess encounters. And together we strengthen and grow in Wisdom, as we practice the discipline of deep knowing that Victory in ALL things of our concern, is our inevitable destiny. I welcome you, goddess, to a realm of peace, healing, encouragement, Love, Truth, and a compassionate community of Life goddesses. Welcome to the realm where Love Yields Peaceful and Harmonious Energy, Welcome to goddessLyphe!


Taking Inventory and Cleaning House: A Guide to Re-Programming the Sub-Conscious Mind
Show Details26min 46s
Intro to Vibrational Matching for Intentional Co-Creating
Show Details22min 21s
Introduction to goddessLyphe
Show Details25min 49s