Chief Executive Auntie

The podcast exploring the work lives of Asian Americans beyond the conventional doctor, lawyer, and engineer.


Episode 37: Reach Out with Assistant Editor Ashley Hong
Show Details33min 42s
Episode 36: Make Active Choices with Habbi Habbi Co-founder Hanna Chiou
Show Details43min 28s
Episode 35: Feminist Asian Dad Eugene Hung
Show Details40min 15s
Mini Episode 34: 8 Numbers You Need to Know for Your Business
Show Details24min 36s
Episode 33: Technical Writer and Novelist Sam Brandt
Show Details44min 55s
Mini Episode 32: Another Way to Raise Your Rates
Show Details28min 41s
Episode 31: Opportunities for All Of Us with Rebecca Kuang
Show Details34min 11s
Mini Episode 30: Price Shaming and Other Stupid Judgey Nonsense
Show Details19min 9s
Episode 29: Find People Like You with Sophie Kim
Show Details24min 45s
Mini Episode 28: My Business Skip List
Show Details10min 27s
Episode 27: Be True to Your Story with Preslaysa Williams
Show Details33min 8s
Mini Episode 26: Your Business Emergency Plan
Show Details14min 58s
Episode 25: Overcome Your Fear and Advocate for Yourself with Jen Chen Tran and Jenny Chen
Show Details39min 57s
Mini Episode 24: A Different Kind of Late Fee
Show Details15min 15s
Episode 23: Create Your Own Path with Food and Travel Editor Steph Wu
Show Details33min 20s
Mini Episode 22: Don't Undercut Your Clients
Show Details21min 32s
Episode 21: Make a Move with Career Coach Cynthia Pong
Show Details38min 29s
Season 2 Trailer: Asian Americans Who Write
Show Details3min 44s
Episode 20: Author, Editor, and Coach Joanne Machin
Show Details45min 13s
Episode 19: Retinal Surgeon and Author Dr. Andrew Lam
Show Details33min 34s
Episode 18: Ovee Health Co-founder Maddy Siriouthay
Show Details34min 52s
Episode 17: Freelance Writer and BTS Stan Virginia Duan
Show Details49min 20s
Episode 16: Asian American Mental Health Providers
Show Details28min 40s
Episode 15: Feminist Career Coach Cynthia Pong
Show Details30min 51s
Episode 14: Bawdy Bookworms Founder Thien-Kim Lam
Show Details34min 9s
Episode 13: Ask Auntie THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU TURN 25
Show Details52min 38s
Episode 12: Passion Planner Actress Ambassador Nikki Soohoo
Show Details29min 41s
Episode 11: 2 Bros and a Bard Co-Founder Jeff Basladynski
Show Details38min 11s
Episode 10: Nimble Made Co-founder Tanya Zhang
Show Details35min 13s
Episode 9: Artist and Educator Trisha Hautéa
Show Details41min 33s
Episode 8: Jewelry Designer Peggy Li
Show Details34min 54s
Episode 7: Wedding Photographer Cassie Valente
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 6: Photographer and SAHD Dae Jeong
Show Details37min 13s
Episode 5: Ask Auntie About BUSINESS TOOLS
Show Details18min 14s
Episode 4: Civic Champs Co-founder and CEO Geng Wang
Show Details22min 19s
Episode 3: Poet & Professor Lisa Kwong
Show Details24min 58s
Episode 2: Ask Auntie About PRICING
Show Details22min 14s
Episode 1: Children's Book Author Teresa Robeson
Show Details26min 30s
Episode 0: Chief Executive Auntie
Show Details1min 17s