OHMS Lounge

A small collaborative group of friends who decided to start a podcast. Here you will find information and discussion on gaming, film, technology, food industry, travel and much more. Sit back and relax in "OHMS Lounge" and enjoy the discussion.


TFTLS: Gamer Dad
Show Details29min 41s
OHMS Lounge: DJ DNZ Interview Part 2
Show Details30min 46s
OL: Trends in Gaming Part 3 Mobile Gaming and VR Gaming
Show Details27min 26s
OHMS Lounge: DJ DNZ Interview Part 1
Show Details25min 26s
TFTLS: Godzilla Singular Point Explained (SPOILERS)
Show Details27min 16s
TFLS: Journey to Japan Part 1 日本への旅
Show Details16min 11s
Ohms Lounge Trailer 1.5
Show Details50s
OL: Trends in Gaming Part 2: AAA games Vs. Indie Games
Show Details27min 17s
TFLS: What is Godzilla Singular Point and should you watch it?
Show Details26min 24s
OHMS Lounge: Trends in Gaming Part 1
Show Details31min 49s
Tales From thelonesalesman: Talking about Evangelion
Show Details27min 36s
OHMS Lounge: Neguli Interview
Show Details13min 35s