Wrestling With Fiction

Hello, my Fictional Friend. Welcome to the Wrestling with Fiction Podcast. A wrestling podcast hosted by insert random name here. (I'm Connor by the way.) Original right? No? Dammit. Anyways, listen to me pitch storylines for your favourite, or not so favourite, wrestlers from the good, to the bad and to the downright insane. Sometimes I even ask if you're favourite fictional character could work in the world of professional wrestling. Could they? Yes? No? Maybe? Who knows? You just have to listen. Or don't. My logo is a Giraffe.


Could The 'Monster Hunter' Work In The Wrestling Business | Monster Hunter
Show Details46min 22s
Kip Sabian | Overlooked
Show Details51min 33s
Dakota Kai; What an EVIE-lution
Show Details52min 51s
Could Monkey D Luffy Work In The Wrestling Business | Part 1
Show Details45min 32s
Eddie Kingston: The Saviour of Revolution
Show Details51min 53s
Thoughts on AEW Revolution 2021 | Back Drop Bonus
Show Details34min 27s
Cameron Grimes: From Rags to Riches
Show Details53min 41s
Could Joey Wheeler Work In The Wrestling Business?
Show Details49min 52s
Shanna: AEW's Goku
Show Details52min 9s
Show Details45s
Heath Slater: Underrated, Undervalued and Underestimated
Show Details55min 7s
Could The Pokémon Trainer Work In The Wrestling Business?
Show Details47min 12s
The Hurt Business; It's Best For Business
Show Details47min 47s
'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt; I Love Blues Clues.
Show Details56min 38s
Could The Among Us Crewmate Work In The Wrestling Business?
Show Details41min 51s
Pac: The Good, The Bad and The Bastard
Show Details54min 18s
Best Of Wrestling in 2020: I Forgot A Lot of Things This Episode.
Show Details40min 28s
Santa: I Guess I'm Wrestling With Fiction For Once?
Show Details57min 4s
Karrion Kross: NXT's Final Boss
Show Details42min 43s
Jon Moxley; Paradigm's Are Shifting.
Show Details50min 56s
NXT Takeover: Wargames 2020 Predictions
Show Details26min 20s
AEW Winter is Coming: AEW made an IMPACT!!!
Show Details14min 36s
Brandon Cutler: The Cutler Chronicles
Show Details48min 23s
Will Osprey: The Empire Strikes Back.
Show Details47min 20s
Hikaru Shida: Kendo Sticks Are Not Foreign
Show Details42min 39s
Sami Zayn: Spanish in Disguise
Show Details46min 43s
AEW Full Gear 2020 Predictions: I Might Have Forgotten Some Awards. Might Have Left Them At The Tokyo Dome.
Show Details37min 40s
John Silver: The Light in the Dark... Order
Show Details45min 51s
The New Day; Factions Factor Into Everything.
Show Details53min 18s
Chris Jericho: 30 years and he was given more than a watch.
Show Details47min 52s
Sammy Guevara; All Gods Have YouTube Channels.
Show Details46min 41s
Mustafa Ali: Officer of the Underground
Show Details43min 27s
G1 Climax 30 Predictions: I'm scared for Ibushi
Show Details23min 29s
Keith Lee: Dragon Ball Keith
Show Details43min 59s
Miro(aka Rusev); All wrestlers are gamers, right?
Show Details41min 24s
Bad News Barrett: Bad News Can Be Good News?
Show Details44min 13s
Cody; We're just blonde boys doing what blonde boys do.
Show Details44min 51s
'Hangman' Adam Page; Books, Bucks and Cowboys.
Show Details37min 25s
Orange Cassidy; Oranges' are better than apples.
Show Details42min 48s
Episode 1- Evil; SKIRTS CAN BE EVIL.
Show Details31min 59s