S 4.4 Klaus Mann's Mephisto

1h 6m | Sep 2, 2023

Three Klauses walk into a bar…

This episode centers on literary wunderkind/prodigal son Klaus Mann’s attack on Nazi Germany (and an ex-lover, and possibly his dad, the canonical novelist Thomas Mann), in the form of the 1936 novel Mephisto. We discuss the film adaptation, what it means to compare demons to the Nazis, the book’s relationship to Goethe’s Faust, and the politics of race in the novel/film. 

-Klaus Mann, Mephisto: Ein Roman einer Karriere

-Toni Morrison, Playing in the Dark

-Farayi Mungazi and Olivia Marks-WoldmanBlack people were Hitler’s victims too – that must not be forgotten” 

-“Nazi Persecution of Black People in Germany,” Holocaust Encyclopedia (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

-Colm Tóibín: “I Could Sleep With All Of Them” (On Mann family dynamics in London Review of Books)

Seven Heads, Ten Horns: The History of the Devil