Hymn Talk Twin Talk

Let's laugh and sing and learn all about hymns! Identical twins Kerrie and Kellie don't just share the same DNA. They share a real passion for and knowledge of church music and they want to share it all with you. Tune in and keep singing!


15. Hymn Talk Twin Talk Trivia Contest!
Show Details3min 47s
14. The Messiah's Coming and Kingdom... JOY!
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13. A Christmas Hymn For Our Weary World
Show Details45min 49s
12. Christmas Hymn: Hum First, Then Sing.
Show Details44min 14s
11. Advent Hymn: I Will Be Present Tomorrow!
Show Details47min 51s
10. A Hymn of Thanks and Praise for Thanksgiving
Show Details48min 27s
9. Can You Count 100 Blessings?
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8. This is Our Temporary Home!
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7. A Hymn of Praise From Land and Sea
Show Details46min 38s
6. The Queen of Gospel Song Writers
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5. A Brand New Hymn for a Brand New Organ!
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4. East Liverpool, OHIO! Home to Professor Thompson!
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3. He's Kind Of a Big Deal!
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2. A Renaissance-Man Hymn Writer
Show Details37min 16s
1. Happy 134th Birthday to this Hymn Writer!
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Hymn Talk Twin Talk Trailer
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