Pressing Forward the Podcast

Pressing Forward the Podcast is hosted by two young ambitious and motivated women who are looking to make change in their community. The podcast will serve as a platform full of information including applying to college, first time home buying, understanding money, and so much more.

We will interview guest of all backgrounds and professions to provide resources. We will share stories of hope to motivate listeners in similar situations to keep pressing forward despite obstacles they face.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need to keep PRESSING FORWARD!

Episodes are available for listeners of all ages and will be available every Sunday.


Episode 16: Special Announcement
Show Details3min 2s
Episode 15: REALity Check ft. Lillian Chukwueze
Show Details54min 32s
Episode 14: Changing the Narrative
Show Details42min 53s
Episode 13: Do Better, Be Better
Show Details32min 12s
Episode 12: This is a Revolution! (ft. @therevolutionaryproject)
Show Details44min 42s
Episode 11: Last Bell
Show Details23min 10s
Episode 10: Sneakers, Business and Winsults (ft. frame_gawd)
Show Details42min 41s
Episode 9: Road Less Traveled (ft. @shaimirj)
Show Details39min 7s
Episode 8: A Poets Place (ft. @dbl_img)
Show Details33min 44s
Episode 7: Pressing Forward.. More than a Podcast x Press Forward Hoops
Show Details20min 50s
Episode 6: Ending on a High Note….
Show Details20min 56s
Episode 5: Father Figure
Show Details25min 29s
Episode 4: Societal Expectations
Show Details20min 41s
Episode 3: Mental Breakdown
Show Details37min 18s
Episode 2: Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves
Show Details12min 34s
Pressing Forward the Podcast Pilot
Show Details1min 26s