• Guess who's back

    Back again. No words for this episode. Just sit back (or walk, run, drive, wtv) and be entertained.

    44m - Nov 9, 2023
  • (Food) Industry Open Secrets w/ Karunesh

    Just Allen and I losing our shit at Karunesh's experience in the food industry.

    25m - Jul 26, 2022
  • The Longest Intro

    What Allen and Harshini talk about, while waiting for their guest.

    Networking, music, and Formula 1. To be fair, this started out as an intro and then we go too carried away and before we knew it, it was 20 minutes long.


    20m - Jul 19, 2022
  • Introductions and Interviews

    As the name suggests, we introduce ourselves.

    We were supposed to interview each other but went way off script into friendships, (secret) internships, and jabs against our 2-member audience.

    18m - Jul 11, 2022
  • This is embarassing do not listen

    The first episode of "Adulting in Bengaluru". A podcast that never went according to plan.

    10m - Jul 11, 2022
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