Unfiltered Limin` w/ BLT Podcast

For all of the first generation West Indians that are still trying to figure it out.

Journey with us through our jovial experiences of being the first assimilated generation in the United States. While promoting an honest, self reflecting and cultural approach, with candid conversations on our similarities and differences.

We are still learning how to bridge the gap and navigate between our parents traditional culture and our modern day american culture.




EP7: How we celebrate holidays
Show Details28min 43s
Thanking Our Veterans
Show Details13min 24s
EP6: Staying connect to the culture
Show Details28min 10s
EP5: How we were disciplined
Show Details26min 44s
EP4: 1st Generation Caribbean
Show Details30min 8s
EP3. Part II - Exercise your voting rights
Show Details42min 37s
EP2. Part I - Exercise your voting rights
Show Details34min 11s
EP1: How our parents reacted, when we mentioned we've started a podcast
Show Details24min 36s
Trailer: Presenting Unfiltered Limin` w/ BLT
Show Details2min 2s
EP0: Who is Unfiltered Limin with BLT!
Show Details28min 15s