The Serendipity Mindset With Dr. Christian Busch

34m | Sep 7, 2020
Modern life can feel like an endless sequence of canceled plans, last-minute meetings, and delayed journeys. So how can we use unpredictability to our advantage? LSE and NYU academic Dr. Christian Busch has spent a decade exploring how we can use uncertainty as a pathway to more joyful, purposeful, and successful lives. In this book, he reveals the secrets behind the hidden force that rules the universe: serendipity. 

The book is based on cutting-edge research in the natural and social sciences, as well as hundreds of interviews including with leading CEOs, entrepreneurs, and changemakers from around the world who turned the unexpected into opportunity by seeing and connecting the dots. Anchored in a science-based framework and peppered with inspiring stories and hands-on exercises, it captures how all of us can cultivate serendipity and turn uncertainty into opportunity, joy, and sustained success.

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